Every night we have a ritual before bath time where we take about 20 minutes and do Ks hair for the next day. While I'm doing her hair K usually chats about her day, friends, what she did etc and I listen, answering any questions that she may ask.

Our conversation began this time with her day and how the grade six at the breakfast club gave her a hard time. She went on talking about recess and about a girl in her class, one who attended the first confession ceremony at church last weekend.

K: "Remember that guy that was with my friend at church last weekend?"

Me: "Yes, he was her dad right?"

K: "No, it was her uncle. Her dad couldn't make it. Her uncle has black hair with blonde highlights. She said he is HOT!"

Wait what?! - hold the phone. Did she just say her friend said her uncle is "Hot"?

"What!?" I questioned - quite shocked as she doesn't speak like that, ever.

She continued, "That's what my friend said! What does being HOT mean anyway mommy?"

It was a completely innocent misuse of a word on her behalf. When I asked her what she thought it meant she said she wasn't sure.

I explained to her in the simplest way that it's a grown-up way to call someone handsome and I would prefer her not to use that word like that any more (unless she's talking about a summer day!). She said she wouldn't and we left it at that.

Maybe calling someone (or something) "hot" to describe your liking doesn't seem like a big deal to some but it is a big deal to me when it's coming out of my seven year old.

It bothered me when that word flew out of her mouth because it sounded too mature but I was relieved she didn't exactly understand it.

I know she's growing up and as she does will hear/see worse things out on that playground, in school or wherever else she may go.

I know in a few short years the crushes and celeb wall-hangings will begin and she will eventually deem them "hot" or whatever word they come up with to describe someone but for now - I want her as innocent as possible. Society already has them growing up too fast.

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Opinions and comments are my own.



  1. They do grow up so quickly. Case and point my kids were listening to Party Rock anthem. It is a catchy song, and then I watched the video and was shocked! It is so not kid friendly.

  2. I know! That video is gross lol I don't even let her watch or listen to music (unless I've seen it and it's clean) but again she's growing up and will eventually visit friends who's parents don't care what they watch :( society has them maturing way too fast.

  3. Oh wow, that's weird, her friend finds her uncle hot?! Maybe she doesn't really understand what that means either?! Let's hope she doesn't.

    My DD6 has a few crushes, but she thinks they're cute and has no idea what Hot means....YET!

    1. Yes, I also hope that other kid was being innocent...eek!

  4. Oh wow! Amazing how kids take words they hear and use them without really understanding their true meaning!

    1. I know! It's not the first time she's used a word without understanding but that's the first mature wording I've heard...shocked me!

  5. I also would be flabbergasted if phrases like that were coming out of my 7 year olds mouth. A few weeks back my 4 year old came come from junior kindergarten singing "I'm hexy and I know it." Sigh. Oh yeah, and the other day she asked me why Cock isn't a nice word. This stuff is just so not fun.

  6. Ughhh isn't it awful when they begin saying the adult words

  7. Gah I hate when they come out with things that are too mature for them.

  8. oh I KNOW!! My son called a girl hot the other day and I almost fell over... we had quite a long discussion about it actually.


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