Once again as every year, dreaded tax season is upon us. Sure, we all enjoy receiving our returns - who couldn't use the extra cash. It's the actual filing part that nobody likes doing but has to do.

We have always brought our taxes in to have them done. Now, it has happened that human error occurred and we ended up owing money we should have been receiving so it really makes you question what you are paying for with the expensive fees that come with having a business such as these your paper work for you. They always say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

We have talked it over time and time again, maybe doing it ourselves isn't such a bad idea. There are a wide variety of tax programs available to buy or even do your taxes right online.

SnapTax by TurboTax

Everything seems to be going mobile these days and this includes filing your taxes! You read that right, there's an app for that! Smart Phone users can now file their taxes in a breeze with SnapTax! 

SnapTax can help take the stress and confusion out of filing this tax season. SnapTax is the first ever mobile app that allows users to prepare and Netfile a simple tax return from their iphone. From the makers of the leading Tax software TurboTax, SnapTax is easy, accurate and secure. It requires only 3 simple steps:

  1. Snap a photo of your T4 with your iphone - the app automatically inputs your information right into the tax return!
  2. Answer a few simple questions about yourself (ie. Do you have any children? Did you buy a home this year? etc)
  3. Review your return and tap "File my taxes" to efile in minutes! That's it! *You are only charged $9.99 if you decide to efile too!* 
Of course your return will be where that 0 is ;)

If you'd like to check out SnapTax, you can download it for free right from the app store! 

If your taxes are a bit more complicated or you have investments you can always use the full version of TurboTax. There are options ranging from the free version for individuals and students to the more expensive detailed packages for families and small businesses. 

With TurboTax standard you pay $17.99 to file, it also gives you step by step help and guidance to help make things go smoother. Even then, it saves a lot more hassle and money than taking them in to have them done by somebody else.

Even if you are new like us and have never done it before yourself, there is a ton of information and step by step guides to help you through. You can have your taxes filed in 5 easy steps with TurboTax. 

TurboTax is also currently offering free tax advice to all customers by phone or chat, another way to make getting your tax return easier. Check out www.turbotax.com to get started and enjoy your return!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of SnapTax and TurboTax. We tried mentioned software for free on behalf of TurboTax and are not tax experts or financial advisers what so ever. Opinions and Comments are those of AME.

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