The weekend started out to be a great one, Friday we surprised the kids with the trampoline and all was well until an accident caused emergency on Saturday afternoon.

Typical Saturday morning we got up, kids playing and started the day. It was one of those Saturdays where the weather was dreary so we kept it indoors most of the day. My parents in law came by to say hi and have a coffee visit. After their visit we were cleaning up, doing the dishes etc and the kids were supposed to be watching a movie quietly upstairs when it happened.

A scream from upstairs, little guy got hurt somehow. We rushed up to see what happened to be greeted by a frantic K, stumbling over her words and bursting into tears. "It was an accident! I didn't mean to!" - Oh boy.

We checked out little guy, his ear was red as if he had fallen or been hit. Then we saw the blood - IN his ear. Even though I was about to hit panic mode I held it together for a minute, I took K aside and calmly told her we needed to know exactly what happened because we may have to go to the hospital.

She took a breath and proceeded to tell me she decided to look in his ears using a Q-Tip, Q-Tips we store in the hall closet she is not allowed to be going in for anything. He moved his head and got hurt. Right away I thought she pierced his ear drum, with the blood you couldn't see inside even with a flashlight so it was time to take him to the ER.

As soon as I grabbed my phone I started to panic a bit. I speed dialed my dad who came right away to take us to the Children's hospital. It calmed me down a little knowing he was going to be there.

The hospital wasn't packed with people but it was busy. We waited what seemed an eternity, you probably saw me tweeting. When we finally saw a doctor it was almost 7:30pm. 

It turns out she didn't hit the ear drum at all in fact according to the Dr his ears look perfect, other than a scratch inside the ear canal. We were instructed just to keep an eye on his ear for infections but otherwise he will be just fine! Big huge breath of relief. On the ride home K expressed her sorrow about doing what she did, she said she wasn't thinking. Lesson learned, I hope!

When we got home DH said he is buying a lock for the closet where the Qtips and other personal bathroom items are kept. Even after reminding the kids  they aren't allowed in there - better to be safe than sorry - again!

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Opinions and comments are those of AME.


  1. I'm glad your little guy will be ok.

  2. How scary! I love how you described the 'calm moment' you spoke to K to find out what happened. I know that moment! It's amazing how we as mamas can keep it together for that moment. So happy to hear little one is OK.


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