We have been brainstorming about something to get the kids to entertain them in our oh-so-boring back yard this spring/summer.

Now, the kids and the dogs share the yard so we had to think of something that was fun and practical. Something that wouldn't make a mess of the yard, didn't take up too much space (not to block off the dogs space) and above all - safe.

Dh had his heart set on a trampoline for them. When I think of a trampoline I think of my school days when they would bring a big trampoline into the gym and somebody always got hurt! I thought of limbs being entangled in the big springs. DH reminded me that we are 20 years later and the ones made for the back yard today come with safety features like padding and a net to avoid those types of injuries. His sister has had one since her kids were small, other than the odd accidental fall onto each other, nobody has ever been seriously injured.

I was under the impression we were waiting for a while before making a final decision after calculating the budget, it was looking tight. Then hubby took off with his parents to go shopping Friday. Little did I know he was going to pick up an 8 foot trampoline for the kids, turns out he had it planned all along!

Technically I knew, but I didn't know. Kind of a surprise for all of us because the kids also had NO idea. We try not to talk about exciting things in front of them because then we are subjected to days, weeks or even months of talking about it over and over until we get it. So, we kept it to ourselves. 

When DD came home from school we revealed the surprised to the kids - plenty of squealing, "Oh my goodness" and "Thank you so much" came from the kids. They spent the remainder of the afternoon bouncing around on the thing and guess what? 

Nobody got hurt :) To the kids this is more than a trampoline, it's childhood memories in the making!

K looks like shes floating!

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  1. Awesome,!! Little One's friend has a huge trampoline and Little. One jumps on it for hours when we're over. I've been wanting to get her one of her own, but have heard nightmare stories about injuries. As far as I've seen, the one her friend has is pretty safe. It looks similar to yours, actually! Just bigger. If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy yours? What brand is it? Was it fairly pricey? Seriously thinking of getting one for DD:-)

  2. Its a Jumptek(sp) from Canadian tire on special for 199$ plus tax! Came with everything where others you have to buy the net separate and all that! Not bad and kids love it! Thanks for your lovely comment :))

  3. Looks like so much fun! We have been considering getting our boys one but our backyard tends to be the neighbourhood meeting place for all the kids and we don't have a fence. I worry about other kids going on it when we're not home and getting hurt.

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