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On Saturday, May 26th 2012 the second annual Gillie Beans FUNd Day is being held in Whitby, Ontario to help raise funds for Rhabdomyosarcoma research. This is a very rare form of cancer that can affect anyone but is more common in children, sadly.

Gillian May Berthelot was a brave little girl who battled Rhabdomysarcoma for 13 months but unfortunately lost her battle in June, 2010. Gillie Beans FUNd Day has been put together by volunteers, in her honor to both help raise money for research and also spread awareness about this disease.

For more information about Gillian's story and other fundraising efforts please visit The Gillie Beans FUNd website

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Yes, it's true! I'm officially a Sony Canada Brand Ambassador thanks to PTPA! You may have seen the congratulatory tweets! When we were asked if we wanted to be included in a brand ambassador program, I had no idea it would be with Sony Canada! I was chosen out of many great bloggers so this is such an honour! I am very excited to be representing one of Canada's biggest electronics brands here on A Motherhood Experience!

In the next three months I will be bringing you the latest and greatest from Sony! Stay tuned for the first post which will be going live next week - Subject: Creating Memories with Disney and Sony

Join in the fun and follow along @Sony_Canada on Twitter using hashtag #SonyMemories!

Thank you again to those at Sony Canada and PTPA for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this great program! 

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How many times have you said to yourself "there are just not enough hours in a day!"? I know I say it often enough. From running a household and raising kids trying to keep everything together - there is always something to do. How many of these things do we actually do just for our own personal enjoyment though? 

Did you know more and more Canadians are finding less and less time to spend on themselves and enjoy the little things because of how busy they are? I totally believe this too, we live it every single day! 

With the new relaunch of Ivory in Canada, a recent study shows financial management, household chores and preparing meals are among the top tasks that make Canadian's lives more complicated. Ivory is encouraging you to take back some time for yourself and just enjoy the pure and simple moments.

I for one think that slowing the pace down and just looking at the smaller things that bring us joy is something we all need once in a while, even if it seems impossible with a to-do list 100 miles long. Taking a moment to enjoy even the smallest of pleasures in life can really change ones outlook on the day and mood which in the long run makes us more productive. Life coach, author and yoga instructor, France Hutchinson, has some great tips to help us get back those simple moments through the busy:
  1. Take a moment to celebrate your children, spouse and above all HAVE FUN.
  2. Give a hug to your friends and family
  3. Take 2 minutes to dance, jump and move your body - every hour. You'll be surprised how much difference a little movement can make in your mood!
  4. Remove the word "NO" from your vocabulary - think positive and say yes to at least three people today! 
  5. While washing your face with Ivory soap in the morning look into the mirror, smile and tell yourself you are beautiful - self chats can help boost the morning mood. 
Start your day with a formula that is 99.4% pure, Ivory stands for all things pure, clean and simple. Canadians can enjoy Ivory's basic line up of bar soaps in Simply Ivory and Aloe, Body washes in Lavender, Aloe, Waterlily and Simple Ivory plus liquid hand soap in Simply Ivory. Look for Ivory's new packaging in stores!

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Sometimes things happen in life, things we can't foresee and things that we cannot stop from happening. As a parent, our worst nightmare is having something happen to one of our children, our babies. Something that we cannot prevent or cannot stop but only hope for the best. That something - when our children are sick.

Our son was born 13 weeks premature. Although we were lucky enough to have him in a local hospital, we almost didn't. The initial hospital we had visited when I went into premature labour was not equipped for me or my premature son. They did not know what to do when they were told the hospital that was equipped, had no room. They offered us to be transferred to Toronto but luckily after hours of waiting, space opened up and we had him here at home in our local general hospital, the Children's Hospital right next door to it. Our son was destined to stay in the hospital for at least three months after birth with many health complications along the road as a young baby.We were lucky that we were able to have the support we needed right here at home.  

The ordeal itself was indescribable but had it happened where we would have had to travel, I am happy to know there are support systems available like Ronald McDonald House that would have helped us.

Many families have to go out of town into a city unknown to get the medical care they need for their little ones and often other family members (the ones they rely on for support) cannot be there with them. Ronald McDonald house and Ronald McDonald Family rooms across the country give families of sick kids a home away from home or a calm peaceful place within a hospital.

May 2nd is McHappy Day! Since 2004 McDonald's has raised over $36 Million for Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada (RMHC) by donating 10 cents from the sale of every Happy Meal.  

Celebrate McDonald's 19th McHappy Day on May 2nd, $1 from every Big Mac® sandwich, Happy Meal® and hot McCafĂ©® beverage (including coffee & tea) will be donated toward local children's charities such as Ronald McDonald House

Join the conversation and help spread the word about McHappy Day on Twitter by using hashtag #McHappyDay. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing this post via facebook and twitter using the share buttons below! Thank you in advance! 


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Super heroes have been part of my life since I can remember. My hubby and I both grew up with comic books like Marvel and now our son is a fan too. The characters that we remember reading growing up have been brought to the big-screen in various Hollywood movies - which we are fans of in this house. 

The most recent movie will be The AVENGERS which hits theaters on May 3rd (in Imax 3D too!)! The Avengers is a super hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. With an unexpected enemy threat to global safety, Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to save the world from destruction - thus The Avengers are born! I for one cannot wait to see this movie! 

In celebration of the movie release, Marvel has teamed up with Hasbro to bring us some amazing toys for those super hero fans like us out there! We were very excited when the package arrived at our house and the kids couldn't wait to dig in and dress up as their favorite comic book characters!

Hasbro had us impressed from the beginning with a box themed for The Avengers. It looks like a secret mission case complete with an awesome picture of The Avengers and compartments inside containing all the cool toys! 

The box is also great for storing everything in, for the kids next adventure as The Avengers! In our "secret mission" box we received: 

Gamma Green Smash Fists: Be like the Hulk with these big green fists. Imagine having the strength of the most powerful of the AVENGERS right in your hands! Made with foam and for ages 3+ 

Tri-Power Repulsor: Blast like Iron Man! The Tri-Power Repulsor has a motion activated light, just like Iron Man's latest Mark VII armor as seen in The Avengers movie! It attaches to the arm with adjustable Velcro straps and the hand fits in to control the motion light. When the motion light is lifted upward it illuminates and makes Iron Man sound effects! It also has four missiles that launch with the press of a button (they are removable if you are concerned about small parts too). This toy takes 3 AAA batteries (not included), ages 4+.

Iron Man Hero Mask: The Iron Man Hero Mask finishes off the super hero look! Made of hard plastic, it fits kids as young as four years old with an adjustable Velcro strap at the back. Masks also come in The Hulk, Thor and Captain America. There are two versions of the Iron Man Hero Mask, this version does not light up or make sounds while the other model does. 

Marvel, The Avengers Ultimate Heroes 10" figures: Gamma Strike Hulk is strong! Squeeze his legs together and his arms move in a smashing motion making roaring sounds! Ages 4+ and takes 2 AAA batteries (included)

Earths Mightiest Heroes 3.5" Figures: We received all four characters - Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk. These figures are well detailed and come with accessories for each character, made for kids to reenact their favorite movie parts or maybe for those who like to collect comic book memorabilia. These are geared for ages 4+.

We always encourage imaginative play such as playing make-believe and toys like these are excellent just for that, allowing the kids to dress up and pretend to be their favorite super heroes. Needless to say our little guy has been hanging onto that Iron Man mask and Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor since we opened the box!

For more information and to see the entire line of The Avengers toys by Hasbro please visit the Hasbro website!  

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I'm not much of a morning person, I don't enjoy getting out of my warm bed on most days. It takes a cup of coffee to get me going, I always need the perk-me-up to start the day. I can admit I might not even be able to get up early most mornings if it wasn't for my alarm. I suppose I'm just one who doesn't have that internal clock that tells them it's time to get up naturally! 

I typically set two different alarms at two different times (about 20 minutes apart) to wake myself up in the morning in time to get my oldest ready for bus pick up. The first one is a warning and the second I had better move my butt and get things going! There aren't too many days where we are running late because I hate being late for anything but we do have the odd time.

Monday night I went to bed fairly late, there were just some last minute things I had to do. Needless to say I hit snooze on the first alarm on Tuesday morning. The second alarm goes off and I hit snooze again. A few minutes later that internal clock kicked in and I jolted out of bed remembering I needed to be up! I looked at my phone which I swear said 7:40AM. That would give us a whole TEN minutes to get up, dressed, fed, gather things and walk to the bus stop on time to catch it. 

I moved quickly to K's room, completely scaring her by saying "we are running very late!" but she was good. She got out of her bunk, got dressed and downstairs for a bowl of cereal in what seemed to be seconds. I don't think I have seen her move that fast in a while. 

Via Google Images

Usually I have time to at least sit and have a nice cup of coffee before heading out into the chill of the morning but not this day! I didn't even look at the coffee maker (or obviously the clock on it) when we got our outerwear on and headed outside. K said that it was weird nobody was outside at all. Not even neighbours who are normally leaving for work when we leave for the bus. I noticed it too, I felt a little confused but headed off to the stop anyway. 

We waited for maybe three minutes or so, I'm not sure because I forgot my phone on the counter at home but we ended up heading back. I was sure we had missed the bus and I was going to have to walk her in. When we got back home I headed for the kitchen to grab my cell and that's when I heard it. The sound of my morning coffee brewing in the machine, the machine I set the night before to start brewing at 7:00AM.  

I looked at my phone, I'm an idiot. 7:01AM it said, my brain was not registering when I woke up. It was not 7:40AM, it was only 6:40AM giving us plenty of time to get ready with some to spare. Oops!

Before I broke the news to K I asked her not to be mad at me for having "mommy brain". She laughed when I told her and asked if she could have a banana and watch cartoons for the next 45 minutes we had left to wait. I'm lucky my child has a good sense of humour.

Sometimes dumb things happen, things that are a result of our over worked mommy brains and you know what, you just have to laugh at yourself sometimes. This was one of those times, I otherwise had a pretty quiet day! 

Do you ever suffer from "mommy brain"? Share your story in a comment below!


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Educational games are always welcome in our home, I believe they really do help with development - especially in years before your little one heads off to Jr Kindergarten, the Preschool years. 

We received "Brain Quest - Preschool edition" from Thomas Allen & Son recently. When we got the game, the kids were very excited to play it - they are just like I was at their age, full of questions and loving trivial games like this!

North America's #1 educational bestseller Brain Quest, took the educational market by storm back in 1992 and is celebrating 20 years of learning and fun by releasing a new revised series. The 4th edition decks include 20% new and updated material, questions matching today's curricula, cultural updates, and some playful additions all written in kid-friendly language. Not only is there new content in the game but they also refreshed artwork giving the decks and workbooks a cooler, more modern feel for today's kids. 

How do you play Brain Quest

Each game comes with two decks of cards containing 300 trivia questions and answers (games range from ages 2 to 10 years old). What I like about Brain Quest is that yes, it's a deck of cards but you won't have cards all over the place or misplaced as the cards are all together like a book which also makes this a quite portable game you could put in your bag on the go!

Each page contains a series of questions and the following page contains the answers. Kids learn whether they get the answer right or wrong and its fun to see their faces when they see they were actually right! You could make some really fun games up like collecting points and such if you want too, it's all about the imagination.

Questions from the game include things like "How many wheels on a bike", "which is the tallest building" and "Which animal is the wrong colour" - simple questions to get the young mind thinking. Even though our daughter is seven and she knew every answer, she had fun helping her little brother when he got stuck on a couple. A great game to play together on a rainy day, bring on the go while waiting at the dr's office or in the car on a road trip.

Our little guy is starting Jr Kindergarten in the fall and I think this game is just fantastic to help him learn and practice for his big first year of school. I would really like to get the rest of the series, I can see them as very useful teaching tools for here at home in the future!

Download the Brain Quest app (FREE to download starting April 26th at iTunes and the Nook store) for trivia fun on your mobile device! Our daughter is going to love this on her ipod touch. The app allows you to choose your grade (1-5) and embark on an adventure tackling questions to beat the clock and earn points and coins! With three fun characters, kids can sail through wisdom island, trek through the snowy paths, dive deep into the caves of knowledge or fly off onto a space voyage all while learning as they play!

For more information about Brain Quest and to see the complete series please visit www.brainquest.com


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Don't we all wish we had her motivation ;)

Did you know that every person should be walking 10,000 steps a day? I didn't know this until my friend Brandy aka @InsaneMamacita brought it to my attention. She wrote an inspiring post about how she feels she is not walking enough steps in her day and is stepping up to the #10KStepCrew Challenge of walking 10,000 steps per day beginning April 20th! 

I thought this was a really neat idea and figured since I walk ALL the time anyway, it would be interesting to start counting my steps too! I do have limitations with my bad hip but was recently told that all my walking is good because it keeps my already weak bones active by getting out and moving, even if it's because I have to. It will be fun to see how many I actually get in my day.

I will be recording my steps using the iPhone app "Pedometer Step Counter" by runtastic. It was the highest rated (freebie) pedometer app I could find with short notice so let's hope it's accurate! I will try my best to report back to all of you at least once a week. I will find out how many steps I take for the first day tomorrow if I remember to turn on the pedometer app, great timing to begin too - I have some errands and things to run tomorrow that should make the step counting interesting!

Do you want to step up to the challenge and join us starting tomorrow? Click here to see Brandy's latest post and sign up, challenge begins tomorrow! 

You can follow along on twitter using hashtag #10KStepCrew :) 

Good Luck!

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Last week, the most recent PTPA winners were announced and we are happy to learn that Rock-ease by Teethease were among the great products who got the PTPA seal of approval! You can check out their winners page here!

We had the opportunity to review Rock-ease by Teethease, you can check out what we thought and also enter for a chance to win a Rock-ease necklace for you or someone you know who has a little teether in the house!

In celebration of the recently announced PTPA award winners, PTPA is hosting a special Congrats-a-thon party! Celebrate and enter to win some really fab prizes! Click here for more info!

Do you Twitter? On Thursday at 12-1pm EST @PTPA will be hosting a #ptpachat about the recent latest and greatest award winners! Check out the fantastic prizes up for grabs here! Hope to see you all on Thursday!

Congratulations again to all of the wonderful PTPA award winners - you all truly deserve it!

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Having pets means caring for them from the time they enter the home and for their whole lives. Dogs reach different stages at different ages and its important to be aware that not every dog food is suitable for every dog. 

Our two dogs have quite the difference in ages and stages. Our Chihuauah is still quite young at only two years old, his breed typically has a life span of up to 15 years depending on his overall health throughout his life. Our Doberman is almost six years old, his breed typically only live a life span of about 10 to 12 years depending on his overall health throughout his life. This means that our Doberman is almost at the senior stage of his life and will need to switch his food from regular large breed dog food to senior plus dog food to help ensure his overall health as he gets older.

Why switch foods with age? When a dog ages changes may occur on the inside that may not show on the outside. This means that they could be more susceptible to loss of lean body tissue, a weaker immune system, reduced metabolic rate, and increased dental concerns. Problems that also lead to a very expensive vet bill.

Before, you could only find pet foods made for puppies to mature adults but with pets increasing lifespans these days, people need to be feeding their senior dogs something made especially for them.

With age comes wisdom and Iams recently introduced their newest line of dog food - Iams Senior Plus which is totally dedicated to the well-being of your senior dog. That is fantastic news for dog owners! 

New Iams Senior Plus is designed to promote the quality of life as our pets get older. It addresses certain common health issues such as: 
  • Maintaining muscle mass
  • Promoting ideal weight and body condition with a special formula to burn fat.
  • Boosting immune health to healthy adult levels with two times the antioxidants.
  • Maintaining healthy skin and coat healthy with Omega 6.
  • For dogs, helping reduce tartar build up by 55% with HMP (Hexametaphosphate)

Our dogs have been Iams dogs for quite some time now, we haven't had to worry knowing the quality and care Iams puts in their pet foods. When it comes time for Zeus to change his foods, we will definitely be looking for Iams Senior Plus in the pet food aisle.


To celebrate senior dogs, Iams has a contest happening on their Facebook page (under the Iams Canada tab) - you can create a pet profile for your four legged friend for a chance for him to be chosen "Senior Pet of the week" throughout the month of April! 

Please be sure to visit www.iams.ca for more information about Iams pet foods for the different life stages and ages of our beloved pets! 

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girl receiving the host
This weekend was a special one at our house, we were celebrating K's first communion at Church. Typically when we celebrate anything for any of us in this house we invite the whole family. My parents, hubby's parents, sister in law and her family etc. Everyone who matters most has an open invitation to our celebrations but usually something comes up and someone always misses out. 

This time, we hadn't even actually planned anything big. We were just going to go to the Church for the mass/ceremony and then head back home and relax for the day. If anyone wanted to come by for coffee after they were more than welcome to - under the assumption that someone who be busy and have to decline our invitation. 

To my surprise everyone said that they would be here and also would enjoy a family BBQ at our house afterward. It's very rare all of us are together to celebrate an occasion and this weekend to my surprise EVERYONE was here. Even my cousin who I grew up with was here! She called me the night before to ask if we wanted a visitor! Perfect timing, I told her she was more than welcome to visit and join us for our celebration!

We were up extra early for a Sunday, the kids were excited to dress up in their "good clothes" and I was excited about the possibility of a decent photo of them together - dressed up for once and not in everyday jeans ;-) 

The kids all dressed up before Church
The mass/ceremony was very nice, the children were all dressed beautifully in little white dresses and the boys in suits. K and one other girl were the only ones who wore color, I think the dress we chose is quite lovely plus she can wear it more than the once. We didn't get many photos in the church though, it felt like paparazzi trying to break through the crowd of relatives all trying to get a shot of their little ones on their proud day.

She looked beautiful and did a great job (paying attention, listening to instruction) the school had them well prepared for this day that's for sure! I just wish the Church would have had the first two rows reserved for the children and their parents so we could at least get some nice photos. We did not have the best view of K but it's alright. Almost everyone who came had a camera of some kind so eventually I should get those pictures too :) 

Proud of our little girl :)
After Church we headed back to our house for the family visit. It ended up being nice outside despite the grey clouds so we took advantage and sat out on the deck. Everyone had a great time, K got some lovely gifts from everyone including a blessed cross, sterling silver bracelet and necklace.

It was the perfect day: Our dads were chatting away and our mothers were exchanging email addresses, the kids got to play with their cousins and enjoy some good food!

It was a celebration that also felt like a family reunion. It was wonderful beyond words really to have everyone over at the same time - as stressful as it is to have that many people I am happy the weekend turned out the way it did. Happy memories for us and for our kids, we hope there are many more times like this to come. 

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I fell down the stairs on Friday the 13th. Thank you to everyone who helped make me feel better after I whined about it on Twitter. Nope I don't call 911, I tweet! Just kidding - I was alone with the kids and had to vent about it somewhere, Twitter is my outlet. It wasn't bad enough to call 911,  trust me I'm not that stubborn.

Yes, it was Friday the 13th but that's not why I fell. I don't really believe in all that Friday the 13th superstitious mumbo-jumbo. My grandmother was very superstitious though. She had all kinds of lucky nick knacks around her house, she once got mad at me for opening an umbrella in her house and believed snakes and black cats were bad luck. It was a total coincident that this happened because I was having an awesome day before that!

I was exhausted as I slept poorly most of this week - it usually hits me on Friday afternoons. You can't wear socks on the stairs of my house, wear slippers with grips or bare foot and for heaven's sake be careful! We have these evil blunt hardwood stairs and when I say evil I mean it.

I was coming down from the washroom just before serving the kids their plates for dinner (which I prepared before I went upstairs), my feet just slipped out from under me and I slammed down onto the last four steps landing on the floor in a fetal position. I could not catch my breath for a moment as my kids are asking me if I'm OK. I finally catch my breath and start bawling like a baby. Asked the kids to just be quiet for a minute and let mommy make sure she was OK. It didn't feel like anything was broken but it sure as heck hurt! 

I got myself back to my feet and composed myself, my whole body was in shock from it all. My blood pressure dropped and I started to feel shaky. I am thankful I have an older kids and this did not happen with babies in the house. K was so helpful beyond words, she took her brother into the dining room and gave him the plate I had already prepared before I fell. She got her own plate and they sat and ate together. This gave me a minute to breathe and text hubby to let him know what just happened and that I'm OK. No, he wouldn't be home at the time, these things always happen when he is not here.

When I fell I tried bracing myself with my right arm so it was bruised and swollen from my wrist to my elbow on one side. My left side of rib cage at the back hit the stairs on the way down too, also bruised along with my left shoulder. It's as painful as it sounds. I set quite the example of why mommy says to be careful on the stairs! See, I'm not a nag it's for their own good!

This isn't the first time I have fallen but it's the first time I've hurt myself and it has scared me to the point I want hubby to put some sort of runner or something on the stairs. If I had fallen on my bad hip I would definitely have had to go to the hospital no doubt. 

The kids have been lucky to only fall and not hurt themselves in the process but what if one day they do? We are asking for it not having it better fixed. Of course for that we have to call our property manager and either get them to do it or get a letter saying we can do it since we rent and then it comes out of our pockets but its for safety which should be included I think. Hassles upon hassles. 

I'm hoping the pain resides before Sunday because I have to be at Church with the entire family (in laws and parents etc included) for K's first communion. After that everyone is supposed to come here for a BBQ in the back yard if the weather is nice. That will be nice, me helping hubby host the family at our place, walking around like a little old lady. It was feeling better after I took a hot shower but I also took a Motrin to ease the pain and also applied ice to ease the swelling. Motrin will be my best friend this weekend! 

Anyway I may not completely believe in the whole "Friday the 13th's bad luck" but I do think something in this house, at least the stairs are out to get me! I can't wait for summer to come so I can stop wearing socks in the house and reduce the risk of falling.  I was "lucky" this time ;-)

We have the same falling style!

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Sometimes I write about my daughter and her lovely long locks. Okay, so often I write about my daughter and her lovely locks (can't a mom be proud?) Most of the stories you will read are about how long it is, how we have never given it but a trim since she was born and how much of a pain in the butt it is to both me and her to have to maintain it.

Through knots and tears, snapping of elastics, breaking hair clips and recently a brush (bristles aren't supposed to fly off are they?) it was making bath routine a miserable time for everyone.

In the past we have tried magic brushes and ouch-less elastics, conditioners, detanglers, oils and whatever else is out there on the market that promises no knots, no tears etc only to have them all fail miserably. It wasn't because the products were no good, it was because she just simply had too much hair!

A couple of summers ago - hair in six small braids

Family and friends always asked how I managed to maintain her hair, assuming I have all the time in the world being a stay at home mom and all. Right, I love taking care of my kids and all but 45 minutes to an hour several times a week just for one kids care was pushing it. Yes, I was crazy.

We even battled head lice (ew, gross I know.) and it took everything to get rid of the buggars because we didn't want to resort to cutting her hair. Her daddy calls it "princess hair" and feels the need we keep it long, despite the fact it's me that has to maintain it.

Last August

Sunday night was the last straw, several weeks after the lice incident I thought I would do a routine check in her hair by washing it and then combing through to check. Well, the darn comb kept jamming into knots and snagging her hair. She started to cry and I became frustrated having to deal with her being mad at me once again. I tried conditioners and this "new" detangler we got, it didn't work in fact I think it may have made it worse. 

Finally, I stormed downstairs fed up and told hubby I had enough with this. It was becoming a stress for both of us and that's not how bath time is supposed to be. It's supposed to be the time where she relaxes before getting into bed, not crying and yelling because mommy is trying to brush her hair. I reminded him about the lice and told him that if I didn't get rid of the dead part that's full of knots, those bugs will come back and I was not about to put her through that again. I think he finally realized that is really was getting to be too much.

This was the night I was cutting her hair, end of story. Instead of his typical "but honey..." he simply said "well, I guess you have to do what you have to do right?". Right, so I did!

I got out my hair scissors and creaclip, I love that tool - so handy! It took me a while, I didn't want to be the blame for a bad cut! She was so afraid of me botching it up it was making me nervous, luckily I wasn't attempting something daring like bangs. I remember when my mom cut me bangs at K's age, but that's another post altogether.

I think I cut off at least eight to ten inches. Yes, I could have donated the hair but it was 8:00 at night when all this was going down and my mind was just not in the right place. Also, the ends I cut were really really damaged so I doubt it would have been any use to anybody anyway. 

New cut

She now has shorter, lighter hair. It's still long but its manageable! She woke up the next morning and had it all brushed and done up in a pony by herself. She couldn't do that before, not with her longer hair. This really should have been done a long time ago and I guess I just had to catch myself at the right moment to say to myself, enough is enough. She agreed to the cut this time too which really helped. Either way she looks good and we both feel good about it. Thats what counts and guess what? It'll happen again in another couple of months! ;) 

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Today you can find just about every cream, potion, lotion and what not that promises the look of younger, healthier looking skin. We''ve all seen the flawless commercials and we have all dreamed of having the same results only to be let down by the product after forking out a good amount of money on it. 

Now that I'm in my 30's I take my skincare routine quite seriously. In my bathroom vanity you can usually find a variation of different skincare products from eye cream, wrinkle cream, washes, exfoliaters and moisturizers among other things. The problem with this is the bottles and jars take up a lot of space and not all of them work together as you may assume.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Daniel Thompson Beauty products. Typically I do not spend a whole lot of money on myself when it comes to anything, even makeup and beauty products so it was quite the treat to have the chance to try out these great products!

If you didn't already know, Daniel Thompson Beauty was launched by cosmetic and beauty expert, Dan Thompson in 2008. Daniel Thompson Beauty products currently include the Mineral Makeup collection and now, something for your daily facial cleansing routine - The Cleanser and The Moisturizer.

The Cleanser, new formula for all skin types - A simple 4-in-1 solution to our skincare needs. The Cleanser is a makeup remover, exfoliater, facial cleanser and toner in one simple 150ml bottle.

Application is as easy as any facial wash however, it is highly suggested to follow the directions as stated on the packaging. The ingredients in both products are highly active so misuse may result in irritation while proper use will provide great results.

The Moisturizer, new formula for all skin types - Offers the benefits of a night cream, day cream, eye cream and specialty treatment replacing the need to use multiple products on your face. Results appear quickly and are long lasting. The Moisturizer comes in a 50ml bottle.

Daniel Thompson Beauty products contain no paraben, dyes, fragrances or waxes and are formulated without petroleum based ingredients.

My experience:

I was excited to try out these products as I have heard about Dan Thompson, he has been featured on Entertainment tonight, Breakfast television and City Line, he also writes over at the YummyMummyClub - Beauty Busted. 

Using the Daniel Thompson Beauty products reduces time spent on the nightly skincare routine. The idea of having only two bottles of skincare product in the vanity is quite nice, I can imagine how organized the bathroom could be!

The Cleanser comes in a simple white bottle with a black lid. The Cleanser doesn't smell and applies easily. I used an amount smaller than the size of a quarter to wash my face nightly followed by The Moisturizer, as directed.

I have never used a 4-in-1 wash before and the results were visible after a few nights of use alone. You can feel The Cleanser gently exfoliating your skin while you wash in circular motions. Rinsing clean is easy with no oily residue, dry skin or irritation. The cleanser washes away impurities that cause the skin to look dead and dull leaving it with more colour and a pleasantly soft texture, including makeup. No more waking up with raccoon eyes!

The Moisturizer compliments The Cleanser nicely. It creates a moisture barrier giving the skin an instant glow. It has a pleasant fragrance and it is non-greasy which helps because although this cream can be used any time, I like using facial creams more at night.

Overall, for a high-end beauty product that fits any skincare need, The Cleanser and The Moisturizer by Daniel Thompson Beauty are a great replacement for all those different cleansers and creams lurking in a woman's vanity.

Please check out Daniel Thompson Beauty for the entire beauty collection and how to order!

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I love trying out new recipes with my family, we always enjoy trying new foods and I always enjoy experimenting with cooking and baking. The Internet has become a vast library of information for me over the years - including recipes. One could literally spend hours upon hours searching the web for recipes only to find hundreds to have to sort through and organize into browser bookmarks. 

I also have many recipes written out on paper, in note books and hard cover copy cook books handed down to me by my mom. Ones I don't want to throw out but also don't use every single day. Do you know where they are? Sitting in a box on a shelf in the basement - for "when I need them" You'd think I could remember they are down there half the time.

I was recently introduced to Cook'n Recipe Organizer, the answer to my recipe organizing needs! Cook'n Recipe Organizer is a program that makes finding and organizing favourite recipes a breeze!  

You can find your favourite recipes by using the search or entering ingredients you have on hand and Cook'n will find you a suitable recipe - this feature comes in handy for me because some nights I just can't think of what to make for the life of me.  

The capture feature is really neat, it allows you to save recipes found online right into your own recipe book. You can create and customize your own family recipe book too by inputting your recipes and saving them. Lots of themes to choose from to make it really yours to keep on your computer, print out or share with family and friends!

The soon to be released app will make it easy for those of us on the go, all the greatness of Cook'n in a simple app! 

There are so many great time savers in the program like customizing your cookbook to weekly and daily meal planning - there are thousands of recipes out there online and now, no more filtering through web searches trying to find the best ones. 

A simple program, Cook'n Recipe Organizer is the the easiest way to:
  • Find the recipes on the Internet
  • Capture and save Internet recipes
  • Enter your own personal recipes
  • Sync recipes with iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Print a family cookbook
  • Analyze nutritional values in your food
  • Make menu's, shopping lists and more!

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Please visit http://www.dvo.com/ for more information about Cook'n Recipe Organizer and how you can get a copy! You can also follow Cook'n on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!

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The days of teething babies are over in our house as we know it but oh, the memories we have are ones we won't soon forget. One of the worst feelings in the world being a new mom is hearing your baby crying because she is cutting teeth and there isn't much you can do although you've tried just about everything to sooth her. 

When I was asked to take a look at TeethEase teething jewelry I thought back to our own kids, when they were at the teething stage of babyhood. The nights we spent trying everything we could as new parents to make them more comfortable and all they could do was cry. It's so heartbreaking but determined as we were we tried just about everything until they finally passed the stage.

We were not ones to use numbing creams or things like that, frozen or gel like teethers didn't work - I even find those a bit too cold for little hands. I think they made the most out of chewing on everything else instead - including jewelry. 

TeethEase are teethers for babies that also serve purpose as a fashion accessory for mom. I did not wear much jewelry when mine were babies for the simple fact that babies put everything in their mouths. Jewelry like necklaces and bracelets always ended up broken not to mention the germs! I would have loved to have something like this as a new mom!

TeethEase have an easy to grasp, soft, smooth surface. They are made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade, FDA approved silicone. Each one is free from phthalates, BPA, toxins and harmful chemicals. The necklace that accompanies the pendants, feature a break-away clasp that releases with any force. They come in various colours so they match various styles from every day to office days!

TeethEase come as a bangle, a necklace with a pendant and new Rock-ease! Rock-ease are the newest addition to the TeethEase line. They look like your typical "rock" style fashion necklace but are made with the same soft, smooth material found in TeethEase teething jewelry. The different shaped "rocks" give baby a different texture while chewing on them.

TeethEase teething jewelry would make an excellent gift for any mom with a teething baby or mom-to-be. I definitely will be adding this to my next baby shower gift bag!

Visit www.myteethease.com for more information about TeethEase and to check out the entire line of TeethEase teething jewelry! You can follow @MyTeethease on Twitter and Like them on Facebook too!

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We have been dog owners since we began our family and to us having a dog is more than just about having a pet. They are a friend for life, a family member and a loved companion. We have two dogs, Zeus the Doberman and Ruffy the Chihuahua - you've probably read about them before in previous posts. They are very loved by all of us and they are also very spoiled, one thing we always keep in our cupboards is dog treats just for them. 

Our dogs are entitled to each one treat, twice a day. One in the morning and then one before bed you know, as a snack! They literally dance for their treats, the big guy turns around in circles and the little guy will hop around on his back feet - very cute and totally deserving every time. 

They have never really had a favorite kind of treat, it varies from what we find at the store as we try to avoid the less healthy treats, those are like giving your dog junk food. We are always looking for quality, healthy treats at a decent price. 

We were thrilled to be chosen as a ShesConnected Milk-Bone Blogger! Milk-Bone has been trusted by dog owners for over 100 years and they are giving pets a new delicious, wholesome treat with Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites

Milk-Bone's newest treats, Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites, are oven-baked dog treats that have all-natural ingredients with added minerals and without any fillers, animal by-products, artificial colors or preservatives. 

The Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites list of ingredients is short, no more confusion in understanding what exactly you are giving your four-legged friend.

Milk-Bone offers treats for any occasion including health, occupy and reward. These wholesome treats add to the already dynamic selection of Milk-Bone dog snacks.

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites come in two kinds of treat:

  • Oven-baked Granola Biscuits- Beef Flavour: made with ground whole wheat, whole wheat flour, carrots, rolled oats and flaxseed.

    With Chicken: made with ground whole wheat, wheat flour, sweet potatoes, rolled oats, flaxseed and
  • Oven-baked Chewy Treats Beef Flavour: made with rolled oats, carrots and apples.

    Made with Real Chicken: made
    with real chicken, rolled oats, sweet potatoes and apples.

Our dogs went crazy when our box of Milk-Bone goodies was delivered! They were dancing around and circling my legs as I brought it into the kitchen, they knew it was for them! It was a little difficult to get them to do their tricks this time but I managed to get the little guy to sit beside their new treats for a photo, they were so excited to try something new!

Overall I'd definitely recommend trying Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites with your dog, they are a huge hit in our house. The dogs love them and we are happy knowing we are giving them something thats not only tasty but also good for  them too. No more searching for the best kind of treats for our dogs, now all we have to say is "Milk-Bone" and the dancing begins!

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites is available now for about $4.27 at retailers across Canada. For more information please visit www.milkbone-canada.com! You can also check out Milk-Bone on your favourite social media websites, Twitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation in the Milk-Bone Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of products and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. Opinions and comments stated on this blog are those of AME.