Educational games are always welcome in our home, I believe they really do help with development - especially in years before your little one heads off to Jr Kindergarten, the Preschool years. 

We received "Brain Quest - Preschool edition" from Thomas Allen & Son recently. When we got the game, the kids were very excited to play it - they are just like I was at their age, full of questions and loving trivial games like this!

North America's #1 educational bestseller Brain Quest, took the educational market by storm back in 1992 and is celebrating 20 years of learning and fun by releasing a new revised series. The 4th edition decks include 20% new and updated material, questions matching today's curricula, cultural updates, and some playful additions all written in kid-friendly language. Not only is there new content in the game but they also refreshed artwork giving the decks and workbooks a cooler, more modern feel for today's kids. 

How do you play Brain Quest

Each game comes with two decks of cards containing 300 trivia questions and answers (games range from ages 2 to 10 years old). What I like about Brain Quest is that yes, it's a deck of cards but you won't have cards all over the place or misplaced as the cards are all together like a book which also makes this a quite portable game you could put in your bag on the go!

Each page contains a series of questions and the following page contains the answers. Kids learn whether they get the answer right or wrong and its fun to see their faces when they see they were actually right! You could make some really fun games up like collecting points and such if you want too, it's all about the imagination.

Questions from the game include things like "How many wheels on a bike", "which is the tallest building" and "Which animal is the wrong colour" - simple questions to get the young mind thinking. Even though our daughter is seven and she knew every answer, she had fun helping her little brother when he got stuck on a couple. A great game to play together on a rainy day, bring on the go while waiting at the dr's office or in the car on a road trip.

Our little guy is starting Jr Kindergarten in the fall and I think this game is just fantastic to help him learn and practice for his big first year of school. I would really like to get the rest of the series, I can see them as very useful teaching tools for here at home in the future!

Download the Brain Quest app (FREE to download starting April 26th at iTunes and the Nook store) for trivia fun on your mobile device! Our daughter is going to love this on her ipod touch. The app allows you to choose your grade (1-5) and embark on an adventure tackling questions to beat the clock and earn points and coins! With three fun characters, kids can sail through wisdom island, trek through the snowy paths, dive deep into the caves of knowledge or fly off onto a space voyage all while learning as they play!

For more information about Brain Quest and to see the complete series please visit www.brainquest.com


Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Thomas Allen & Son and Brain Quest. We received a complimentary game with no obligation to review. Opinions and Comments are those of AME.

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  1. I love counting together with my son as we walk up the steps. I also love playing EYE SPY with him too!

  2. We use a lot of learning cards and pictures and I ask questions like what colour is the house or how many windows are there. I think my boys would really enjoy this game!

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  3. we pretend to "play school" and my daughter likes to do her "homework" tracing letters
    amym_brown @ hotmail.com

  4. We use picture books that have colours, shapes, different textures, letters and numbers.
    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot)com

  5. we sing songs and act out things during dancing. we play kitchen too.

    Jessica Bleasdale (Rafflecopter: JACB)
    jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

  6. Repetition games, songs and our chalkboardn

  7. our favorite way of learning and having fun is to play and get outside, we love nature walks and turning learning into games and songs

  8. Hands on play - making stuff, building, playing card and memory games - things that are fun and they learn without realzing they are learning.

  9. Real life learning. Counting out money, baking together and games.

  10. I have used these quite a bit with my children, great for in the car. Great gift idea!

    1. I love walking outside with them and letting them explore nature. Reading books is also fun.

  11. Making it into a game, and crafts that include colors and numbers

  12. I love playing games and making crafts that help them learn with them.

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  13. We love reading together and exploring new places.

  14. We love playing board games that teach skills while we have fun.

  15. Songs, story time and imaginative play.

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