Today you can find just about every cream, potion, lotion and what not that promises the look of younger, healthier looking skin. We''ve all seen the flawless commercials and we have all dreamed of having the same results only to be let down by the product after forking out a good amount of money on it. 

Now that I'm in my 30's I take my skincare routine quite seriously. In my bathroom vanity you can usually find a variation of different skincare products from eye cream, wrinkle cream, washes, exfoliaters and moisturizers among other things. The problem with this is the bottles and jars take up a lot of space and not all of them work together as you may assume.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Daniel Thompson Beauty products. Typically I do not spend a whole lot of money on myself when it comes to anything, even makeup and beauty products so it was quite the treat to have the chance to try out these great products!

If you didn't already know, Daniel Thompson Beauty was launched by cosmetic and beauty expert, Dan Thompson in 2008. Daniel Thompson Beauty products currently include the Mineral Makeup collection and now, something for your daily facial cleansing routine - The Cleanser and The Moisturizer.

The Cleanser, new formula for all skin types - A simple 4-in-1 solution to our skincare needs. The Cleanser is a makeup remover, exfoliater, facial cleanser and toner in one simple 150ml bottle.

Application is as easy as any facial wash however, it is highly suggested to follow the directions as stated on the packaging. The ingredients in both products are highly active so misuse may result in irritation while proper use will provide great results.

The Moisturizer, new formula for all skin types - Offers the benefits of a night cream, day cream, eye cream and specialty treatment replacing the need to use multiple products on your face. Results appear quickly and are long lasting. The Moisturizer comes in a 50ml bottle.

Daniel Thompson Beauty products contain no paraben, dyes, fragrances or waxes and are formulated without petroleum based ingredients.

My experience:

I was excited to try out these products as I have heard about Dan Thompson, he has been featured on Entertainment tonight, Breakfast television and City Line, he also writes over at the YummyMummyClub - Beauty Busted. 

Using the Daniel Thompson Beauty products reduces time spent on the nightly skincare routine. The idea of having only two bottles of skincare product in the vanity is quite nice, I can imagine how organized the bathroom could be!

The Cleanser comes in a simple white bottle with a black lid. The Cleanser doesn't smell and applies easily. I used an amount smaller than the size of a quarter to wash my face nightly followed by The Moisturizer, as directed.

I have never used a 4-in-1 wash before and the results were visible after a few nights of use alone. You can feel The Cleanser gently exfoliating your skin while you wash in circular motions. Rinsing clean is easy with no oily residue, dry skin or irritation. The cleanser washes away impurities that cause the skin to look dead and dull leaving it with more colour and a pleasantly soft texture, including makeup. No more waking up with raccoon eyes!

The Moisturizer compliments The Cleanser nicely. It creates a moisture barrier giving the skin an instant glow. It has a pleasant fragrance and it is non-greasy which helps because although this cream can be used any time, I like using facial creams more at night.

Overall, for a high-end beauty product that fits any skincare need, The Cleanser and The Moisturizer by Daniel Thompson Beauty are a great replacement for all those different cleansers and creams lurking in a woman's vanity.

Please check out Daniel Thompson Beauty for the entire beauty collection and how to order!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Daniel Thompson Beauty. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of AME.

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