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I'm not much of a morning person, I don't enjoy getting out of my warm bed on most days. It takes a cup of coffee to get me going, I always need the perk-me-up to start the day. I can admit I might not even be able to get up early most mornings if it wasn't for my alarm. I suppose I'm just one who doesn't have that internal clock that tells them it's time to get up naturally! 

I typically set two different alarms at two different times (about 20 minutes apart) to wake myself up in the morning in time to get my oldest ready for bus pick up. The first one is a warning and the second I had better move my butt and get things going! There aren't too many days where we are running late because I hate being late for anything but we do have the odd time.

Monday night I went to bed fairly late, there were just some last minute things I had to do. Needless to say I hit snooze on the first alarm on Tuesday morning. The second alarm goes off and I hit snooze again. A few minutes later that internal clock kicked in and I jolted out of bed remembering I needed to be up! I looked at my phone which I swear said 7:40AM. That would give us a whole TEN minutes to get up, dressed, fed, gather things and walk to the bus stop on time to catch it. 

I moved quickly to K's room, completely scaring her by saying "we are running very late!" but she was good. She got out of her bunk, got dressed and downstairs for a bowl of cereal in what seemed to be seconds. I don't think I have seen her move that fast in a while. 

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Usually I have time to at least sit and have a nice cup of coffee before heading out into the chill of the morning but not this day! I didn't even look at the coffee maker (or obviously the clock on it) when we got our outerwear on and headed outside. K said that it was weird nobody was outside at all. Not even neighbours who are normally leaving for work when we leave for the bus. I noticed it too, I felt a little confused but headed off to the stop anyway. 

We waited for maybe three minutes or so, I'm not sure because I forgot my phone on the counter at home but we ended up heading back. I was sure we had missed the bus and I was going to have to walk her in. When we got back home I headed for the kitchen to grab my cell and that's when I heard it. The sound of my morning coffee brewing in the machine, the machine I set the night before to start brewing at 7:00AM.  

I looked at my phone, I'm an idiot. 7:01AM it said, my brain was not registering when I woke up. It was not 7:40AM, it was only 6:40AM giving us plenty of time to get ready with some to spare. Oops!

Before I broke the news to K I asked her not to be mad at me for having "mommy brain". She laughed when I told her and asked if she could have a banana and watch cartoons for the next 45 minutes we had left to wait. I'm lucky my child has a good sense of humour.

Sometimes dumb things happen, things that are a result of our over worked mommy brains and you know what, you just have to laugh at yourself sometimes. This was one of those times, I otherwise had a pretty quiet day! 

Do you ever suffer from "mommy brain"? Share your story in a comment below!


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  1. This happens to me sometimes - you are definitely not alone....and if you want a list of all of the other silly things that I do, you'd be here all day!

  2. Sounds like something I would do! hehe!

  3. haha yeah, since having the boys I feel 'stupid' half the time, it's like they sucked all the intelligence out of me. I hate it when days start like that though!

  4. that has happened to me before too - when I was in college, I set my alarm to 6:30 PM - instead of AM - I missed a very important class that day

  5. Ha! I think many of us have done something like this, I know I have. At least you weren't an hour late! I use my cell phone for my alarm and if you just click a button when it goes off, it snoozes for 5 minutes. So I hit it a few times before I actually get up.

  6. That's too funny! I have misread time before too. I understand the alarm clock as well. I'm a definite night owl. Getting up is not something I've ever enjoyed. If it hadn't been for alarms, I never, ever would of made it to work.

  7. I often wake on Saturday panicked my kids missed the bus lol

  8. Hahahaha!!! I do that all the time! Because of my shift work, I am always setting my alarm in the dark and have a hard time distinguishing between time and alarm. Great, great story!!


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