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This weekend was a special one at our house, we were celebrating K's first communion at Church. Typically when we celebrate anything for any of us in this house we invite the whole family. My parents, hubby's parents, sister in law and her family etc. Everyone who matters most has an open invitation to our celebrations but usually something comes up and someone always misses out. 

This time, we hadn't even actually planned anything big. We were just going to go to the Church for the mass/ceremony and then head back home and relax for the day. If anyone wanted to come by for coffee after they were more than welcome to - under the assumption that someone who be busy and have to decline our invitation. 

To my surprise everyone said that they would be here and also would enjoy a family BBQ at our house afterward. It's very rare all of us are together to celebrate an occasion and this weekend to my surprise EVERYONE was here. Even my cousin who I grew up with was here! She called me the night before to ask if we wanted a visitor! Perfect timing, I told her she was more than welcome to visit and join us for our celebration!

We were up extra early for a Sunday, the kids were excited to dress up in their "good clothes" and I was excited about the possibility of a decent photo of them together - dressed up for once and not in everyday jeans ;-) 

The kids all dressed up before Church
The mass/ceremony was very nice, the children were all dressed beautifully in little white dresses and the boys in suits. K and one other girl were the only ones who wore color, I think the dress we chose is quite lovely plus she can wear it more than the once. We didn't get many photos in the church though, it felt like paparazzi trying to break through the crowd of relatives all trying to get a shot of their little ones on their proud day.

She looked beautiful and did a great job (paying attention, listening to instruction) the school had them well prepared for this day that's for sure! I just wish the Church would have had the first two rows reserved for the children and their parents so we could at least get some nice photos. We did not have the best view of K but it's alright. Almost everyone who came had a camera of some kind so eventually I should get those pictures too :) 

Proud of our little girl :)
After Church we headed back to our house for the family visit. It ended up being nice outside despite the grey clouds so we took advantage and sat out on the deck. Everyone had a great time, K got some lovely gifts from everyone including a blessed cross, sterling silver bracelet and necklace.

It was the perfect day: Our dads were chatting away and our mothers were exchanging email addresses, the kids got to play with their cousins and enjoy some good food!

It was a celebration that also felt like a family reunion. It was wonderful beyond words really to have everyone over at the same time - as stressful as it is to have that many people I am happy the weekend turned out the way it did. Happy memories for us and for our kids, we hope there are many more times like this to come. 

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. "Girl receiving host" image via Google. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of AME.

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