Sometimes I write about my daughter and her lovely long locks. Okay, so often I write about my daughter and her lovely locks (can't a mom be proud?) Most of the stories you will read are about how long it is, how we have never given it but a trim since she was born and how much of a pain in the butt it is to both me and her to have to maintain it.

Through knots and tears, snapping of elastics, breaking hair clips and recently a brush (bristles aren't supposed to fly off are they?) it was making bath routine a miserable time for everyone.

In the past we have tried magic brushes and ouch-less elastics, conditioners, detanglers, oils and whatever else is out there on the market that promises no knots, no tears etc only to have them all fail miserably. It wasn't because the products were no good, it was because she just simply had too much hair!

A couple of summers ago - hair in six small braids

Family and friends always asked how I managed to maintain her hair, assuming I have all the time in the world being a stay at home mom and all. Right, I love taking care of my kids and all but 45 minutes to an hour several times a week just for one kids care was pushing it. Yes, I was crazy.

We even battled head lice (ew, gross I know.) and it took everything to get rid of the buggars because we didn't want to resort to cutting her hair. Her daddy calls it "princess hair" and feels the need we keep it long, despite the fact it's me that has to maintain it.

Last August

Sunday night was the last straw, several weeks after the lice incident I thought I would do a routine check in her hair by washing it and then combing through to check. Well, the darn comb kept jamming into knots and snagging her hair. She started to cry and I became frustrated having to deal with her being mad at me once again. I tried conditioners and this "new" detangler we got, it didn't work in fact I think it may have made it worse. 

Finally, I stormed downstairs fed up and told hubby I had enough with this. It was becoming a stress for both of us and that's not how bath time is supposed to be. It's supposed to be the time where she relaxes before getting into bed, not crying and yelling because mommy is trying to brush her hair. I reminded him about the lice and told him that if I didn't get rid of the dead part that's full of knots, those bugs will come back and I was not about to put her through that again. I think he finally realized that is really was getting to be too much.

This was the night I was cutting her hair, end of story. Instead of his typical "but honey..." he simply said "well, I guess you have to do what you have to do right?". Right, so I did!

I got out my hair scissors and creaclip, I love that tool - so handy! It took me a while, I didn't want to be the blame for a bad cut! She was so afraid of me botching it up it was making me nervous, luckily I wasn't attempting something daring like bangs. I remember when my mom cut me bangs at K's age, but that's another post altogether.

I think I cut off at least eight to ten inches. Yes, I could have donated the hair but it was 8:00 at night when all this was going down and my mind was just not in the right place. Also, the ends I cut were really really damaged so I doubt it would have been any use to anybody anyway. 

New cut

She now has shorter, lighter hair. It's still long but its manageable! She woke up the next morning and had it all brushed and done up in a pony by herself. She couldn't do that before, not with her longer hair. This really should have been done a long time ago and I guess I just had to catch myself at the right moment to say to myself, enough is enough. She agreed to the cut this time too which really helped. Either way she looks good and we both feel good about it. Thats what counts and guess what? It'll happen again in another couple of months! ;) 

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of AME. 

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  1. she is so sweet....I have to wrestle my boys into hair cuts.....so they don';t happen often

  2. wow, that really was long hair, I can imagine your stress. (imagine of course because I have boys, but even they whine when I brush! lol)she still looks very princess like!

  3. Wow! Her hair was long, indeed! The new cute looks adorable on her though - and she looks happy with it as well. Win/win I'd say :-)

  4. I've hear lice is terrible : ( I think it's awesome that she can now manage her hair on her own - promoting some independence and taking that off your shoulders. Her new cut looks great!

  5. eeek, lice! I hope I can prevent it by washing his hair with tea tree shampoo!
    Her haircut looks great and such a pretty smile!

  6. Way to go Mom! My oldest daughter has long super curly hair. She didn't have her first cut until 2 and probably has only had it cut a handful of times. I finally said enough is enough and took her for layers and a shorter (just below her shoulders) haircut! What a difference! No more spending 45 mins/day getting the tangles out! It's about time to cut it again if the screams & cries are any indication. :)

  7. Umm, your daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS. She gets it from her mama. She's definitely beautiful now matter what length of Princess hair she has and it's a lot easier for you I hope! :)

  8. That is some long hair for a little lady. I let my hair grow out long, and then have cut it to donate for wigs. Long hair is definitely harder to take care of!
    Hope she loves the new do

  9. Your daughter is such a beauty! Way to go for taking charge of the situation. I don't know how you found the willpower to put up with it for so long. Your daughter looks like she's loving her new tresses. :)

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind comments :) She is still my Goldilocks no matter what ;)


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