Happy Easter 2012 to all my fabulous AME readers! We are spending our holiday at home with family and friends. Saturday I will be attending Originals - The Spring Craft Sale with my friend Jennifer (aka Canadian Coupon Mom). I saw a couple of pictures being Tweeted and Facebooked from the event and I can't wait to see it all for ourselves! We will be blogging all about it next week - stay tuned!

Sunday will be a more settled back kind of day, spent enjoying the goodies that the Easter Bunny is bringing for the kids (and maybe us adults too?). I am excited about this years Easter goodies, think outside the Easter basket. They will be getting a small amount of sugary treats - the chocolate bunny, Kinder Eggs and Lolly Pops, but that's it! The less chocolate and sugar for the kids the better or the less chocolate for the kids the more for me, at least.

I have always loved Easter time, not just because of the chocolate either. Okay, maybe a lot about the chocolate but I love what it represents too - the first celebration of the Spring season!  I see the trees outside beginning to grow buds, I can't wait for them to bloom especially the tree in the back yard. I have been photographing the beautiful blooms annually since we moved here. They only last a couple of days or a week if we are lucky and usually a strong wind or rain will cause them to fall off the tree. Very strange but so beautiful. You can see pictures in this post from two years ago.

Typically on Easter we enjoy a hearty, old fashioned ham and all the trimmings dinner with family but this year we decided since we recently got a new BBQ, it would be a great opportunity to have some of the family over and enjoy some BBQ dinner instead!

Chicken would be excellent, I have some yummy BBQ style for Sunday. Side that with roasted veggies and mashed or baked potato. Not as big a meal as what we enjoyed growing up but enjoyable just as much. My grandmother used to go all out with turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots, gravy and all. She made Thanksgiving dinner for every big holiday - it was great. I wish I could cook huge meals like her. Maybe one day, I'll keep practicing ;) 

Wherever you may celebrate the holidays, be safe and have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

With love from all of us at AME :) 

Disclosure: Posted by AME in celebration of Easter Weekend 2012. Opinions and comments are all those of AME. Not a sponsored or endorsed post. Photo found via google search from 123greetings.com and is not owned by AME.

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