We have been dog owners since we began our family and to us having a dog is more than just about having a pet. They are a friend for life, a family member and a loved companion. We have two dogs, Zeus the Doberman and Ruffy the Chihuahua - you've probably read about them before in previous posts. They are very loved by all of us and they are also very spoiled, one thing we always keep in our cupboards is dog treats just for them. 

Our dogs are entitled to each one treat, twice a day. One in the morning and then one before bed you know, as a snack! They literally dance for their treats, the big guy turns around in circles and the little guy will hop around on his back feet - very cute and totally deserving every time. 

They have never really had a favorite kind of treat, it varies from what we find at the store as we try to avoid the less healthy treats, those are like giving your dog junk food. We are always looking for quality, healthy treats at a decent price. 

We were thrilled to be chosen as a ShesConnected Milk-Bone Blogger! Milk-Bone has been trusted by dog owners for over 100 years and they are giving pets a new delicious, wholesome treat with Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites

Milk-Bone's newest treats, Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites, are oven-baked dog treats that have all-natural ingredients with added minerals and without any fillers, animal by-products, artificial colors or preservatives. 

The Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites list of ingredients is short, no more confusion in understanding what exactly you are giving your four-legged friend.

Milk-Bone offers treats for any occasion including health, occupy and reward. These wholesome treats add to the already dynamic selection of Milk-Bone dog snacks.

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites come in two kinds of treat:

  • Oven-baked Granola Biscuits- Beef Flavour: made with ground whole wheat, whole wheat flour, carrots, rolled oats and flaxseed.

    With Chicken: made with ground whole wheat, wheat flour, sweet potatoes, rolled oats, flaxseed and
  • Oven-baked Chewy Treats Beef Flavour: made with rolled oats, carrots and apples.

    Made with Real Chicken: made
    with real chicken, rolled oats, sweet potatoes and apples.

Our dogs went crazy when our box of Milk-Bone goodies was delivered! They were dancing around and circling my legs as I brought it into the kitchen, they knew it was for them! It was a little difficult to get them to do their tricks this time but I managed to get the little guy to sit beside their new treats for a photo, they were so excited to try something new!

Overall I'd definitely recommend trying Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites with your dog, they are a huge hit in our house. The dogs love them and we are happy knowing we are giving them something thats not only tasty but also good for  them too. No more searching for the best kind of treats for our dogs, now all we have to say is "Milk-Bone" and the dancing begins!

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites is available now for about $4.27 at retailers across Canada. For more information please visit www.milkbone-canada.com! You can also check out Milk-Bone on your favourite social media websites, Twitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation in the Milk-Bone Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of products and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. Opinions and comments stated on this blog are those of AME.

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