Don't we all wish we had her motivation ;)

Did you know that every person should be walking 10,000 steps a day? I didn't know this until my friend Brandy aka @InsaneMamacita brought it to my attention. She wrote an inspiring post about how she feels she is not walking enough steps in her day and is stepping up to the #10KStepCrew Challenge of walking 10,000 steps per day beginning April 20th! 

I thought this was a really neat idea and figured since I walk ALL the time anyway, it would be interesting to start counting my steps too! I do have limitations with my bad hip but was recently told that all my walking is good because it keeps my already weak bones active by getting out and moving, even if it's because I have to. It will be fun to see how many I actually get in my day.

I will be recording my steps using the iPhone app "Pedometer Step Counter" by runtastic. It was the highest rated (freebie) pedometer app I could find with short notice so let's hope it's accurate! I will try my best to report back to all of you at least once a week. I will find out how many steps I take for the first day tomorrow if I remember to turn on the pedometer app, great timing to begin too - I have some errands and things to run tomorrow that should make the step counting interesting!

Do you want to step up to the challenge and join us starting tomorrow? Click here to see Brandy's latest post and sign up, challenge begins tomorrow! 

You can follow along on twitter using hashtag #10KStepCrew :) 

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. Posted by AME for fun and support in participation with #10KStepCrew. Opinions and comments are those of AME. Image found via google.


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