Parents in this day and age play many roles in their lives at home, socially and at work. Among the many hats we wear, one may be IT manager on the home front. You know stuff like helping the kids set up their latest remote operated toy, getting that pesky DVD player running again and troubleshooting the family computer that suddenly decided to run turtle-slow.

We are a tech family all the way, between handheld devices like phones and tablets to desktop computers, laptops and gaming consoles we each have our fair share of gadgets. Being a blogger there are certain tools I need to have working on a daily basis such as my net book and phone. If something does go wrong I usually panic and ask hubby to look at it as he prefers fixing everything himself but there are also times he isn't available at that very moment and I need it fixed immediately or at least know what’s wrong with it! 

Usually when something like that happens I turn to the World Wide Web to possibly help me solve my problem, web search and of course twitter are my favourite resources. Best Buy has always prided itself on being able to help Canadians with their tech needs and troubles, I am happy to see they have now taken it one step further on my favourite social media platform Twitter, with @Twelpforce!

Best Buy's @Twelpforce saves both time and hassle. Twelpforce is basically Best Buy's army of technology pros who have taken to twitter to answer any type of consumer tech question. 

The service is easy to use and it's quick! Any time you have a problem with your home technology - big or small, from figuring out the settings on your new camera to connecting your new gaming system simply tweet @Twelpforce and within minutes you'll get a number of replies from some of the most experienced tech experts out there.

Now I definitely know who to turn to when I need help with my tech woe's. With @Twelpforce to the rescue, there is no more stressing and no more guessing!

Win it!

Do you like shopping at Best Buy? Me too! You have the chance to win one of two $50 Best Buy gift cards AND try out @Twelpforce for yourself!

Please fill out the rafflecopter ballot below and make sure to do the mandatory entry to be eligible to win! Open to Canadian residents aged 18 and over only.

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Disclosure: Posted by AME sponsored by Best Buy Canada. We received a complimentary GC for our participation. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of AME.

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  1. I follow @Twelpforce on Twitter @glogirl3 and asked a question:

  2. I asked them what the best anti virus program is!

  3. I asked them about what kind of lens to buy. https://twitter.com/#!/sharonnelt/status/200766613090349056

  4. I asked them this..hope I get a helpful response.,I am so not tech smart!


    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  5. I had put my question link in the rafflecopter form - but here it is in case it was supposed to be here - https://twitter.com/#!/freebreeluv/status/200925774239371265

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  6. Asked them about my printer. Here's hoping they know the answer!

  7. Here's my question: https://twitter.com/#!/lbunin/status/202441293786398721

  8. I follow them on twitter (@flower_child_23)
    Here is my answer to the question

  9. Tweeted them a question


    Amber Y

  10. was not sure where to put my tweet. so here is it again if i was wrong


    belinda mcnabb


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