It feels as though we have been waiting forever for the chill to leave and warmer weather to move in for Spring 2012.  The last few days have been delightful here in Ottawa (even though it's supposed to rain today!), totally time to take advantage and set up some final touches to the back yard. 

As you know we began a few weeks ago with a new trampoline for the kids, fun and good exercise all in one. They still use it almost every day, weather permitting. Hubby set up the kids tent outside, they love playing in there and treat it like a clubhouse. Usually inside you can find a blanket, books, paper, colouring pencils or crayons, stuffed animals and of course one of the kids. 

The kids have been waiting a long time for a bigger back yard pool. Our yard isn't big enough for a 'real' pool of course and we could only get a certain size that fit perfectly in the space that hubby figured it would look good in. Yes, we live across from the public pool but that's just it - public. Sometimes it's closed or full of older kids who splash and aren't always careful. I almost feel like a babysitter going there having to watch everybody else's kids to make sure mine are ok! Some days during summer vacation I really just want to keep my sanity and enjoy the serenity of our own back yard.

We have indeed invested in a larger blow-up pool for the kids. It has two pools in one so there's no fighting. It was very basic to set up, hubby has an air compressor in the basement so it literally took only minutes to inflate. Filling it with water was the long part, especially when little guy kept taking the hose out of the pool!

He was so excited to see the pool being set up and filled but unfortunately his fear of water returned. Upon his first attempt to actually get in the pool once it was full, he fell. Face first into the water he went. Of course we were right there to grab him even though the water is shallow. He freaked right out and wanted no more to do with the pool except look at it from a distance.

Maybe we will be able to convince him to join his sister sometime over the summer, that event should make the public pool interesting again this year. I thought for sure we had broken his fear of water last year when he wanted to go swimming with his puddle jumpers. I guess he will need a little time, that's okay we are in no rush. We just want them to have a fun summer and I'm pretty sure by the look on K's face that they will!

We hope you all have been enjoying the nice weather if you are lucky enough to have had it visit your way! We can't wait for summer to officially begin, can't you tell?

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