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Our little guy is officially registered for school! The scariest part was making the final decision. I think I had the registration forms on the desk for a while staring at me, taunting me to decide to fill them out once and for all. Well, the paperwork went in about a month ago and as of September he will be a Junior Kindergartner.

The school is now slowly starting to set up everything for new students coming to the school in the fall. We got a phone call to set up a meeting for an assessment of Ds education. I was very honest on his application, I didn't leave anything out and answered the questions thoroughly. Anything I felt a concern about that they needed to know at school I wrote down for them. 

The assessment went well, he seemed to have impressed the teachers we had our meeting with. We talked all about him and they had many questions, some about his premature birth - considering he's so big and your average boy now. That was a little bit hard, it's always hard for me to dig back into that part of my memory but I did because they felt it was important.

DS spent time playing with the toys in the principals office. He really took a liking to the die-cast cars, not wanting to let the red one go when we had to leave. That was fun, trying to convince him that he has lots of cars at home and that the principal wasn't there to say it was OK so he had to leave them. He was not happy even though the teacher offered him a special toy from a toy box.  

snuck a snap before the meeting began ;)
There are a few more things over the summer we need to do to prepare such as the "Step into Kindergarten" program and "Bus Safety" program I signed him up for. I did not miss out on signing him up for anything the school had to offer.

I'm happy our schools have these programs to help prepare both parents and child, it makes the move so much easier. Sometimes we have "parental anxiety" and think of the worst that can happen when we are unsure but the kids are just fine. I remember having plenty of "parental anxiety" moments when our oldest K started school. 

The tears did not come from her whatsoever on her first day of preschool. She ran for a table full of crafts and never looked back. People say its easier with the second, I beg to differ. I find it just as difficult as when we sent our first one off to school, for me anyway.

Now when we mention school to DS he rambles on about taking the big yellow bus with K and going to his new school will be "so much fun" - its nice to see his enthusiasm and I hope it continues. He certainly is not a baby anymore!

leaving our meeting "come on mom!"

Stay tuned for more adventures as we prepare our boy (and ourselves) for his first year of school in fall 2012!

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Opinions and comments are those of AME.

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