In case you didn't see my entire twitter feed from this past Saturday, I thought I'd write a post to let you know - hubby and I are expecting!

For the past several weeks I haven't been feeling myself. At the beginning of May I had what I thought was a flu and since have felt a little bit off-ish. Talking to friends and family, a few mentioned I could be pregnant. I typically laugh these comments off as jokes and don't worry about it but this time it had me thinking.

When I realized my "monthly visitor" hadn't come yet mid way through May, I knew I had to think about taking a test. I waited though, until the end of the month - just in case. June 1st we went out and bought a test, two in fact. Considering at this point I just wanted to know I took it right away. I was either pregnant or going crazy. 

The test said you had to wait two minutes for a result, in my case it took seconds for the little plus sign to show up in the round area and the single vertical line in the oval which means - positive! 

Besides the typical symptoms, signs were all around me though. I have been noticing baby stuff more and more. Commercials, on twitter and everywhere it seems. I have baby stuff put away in a bag, I was going to give it to one of two people I knew was pregnant but something made me hesitate. My excuse was that I couldn't decide between the two. Funny how I would suddenly end up with these things I normally wouldn't need right now, but I will.

We called family the next day to let them know as it was quite late when we did the first test and were a bit excited. I thought it would be fun to announce it on twitter after and then facebook to let everyone know. Thanks everyone for your congratulation tweets and facebook messages :)

When we told our daughter, she squealed with delight at the thought of another younger sibling. Little guy doesn't seem to understand quite yet what we mean by "mommy has a baby in her belly" as he replies with "No Mommy, I'm your baby!". I think he will understand more down the road as things progress.

According to a due date calculator the baby should be born in January 2013 which makes me approximately six or so weeks pregnant. It's still early to be announcing I guess but we were thrilled when we found out and wanted to share our excitement. There is so much to start planning from things we will need to making room for the things we will need, it's going to be quite the ride!

Our next step is to book a Dr's appointment with my family Dr and get an ultrasound appointment as soon as we can. Oh and I'm also going to have to shop for a summer wardrobe, maternity style!

Although unexpected, we are nonetheless thrilled about our news and can't wait to start sharing the journey with all of you! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME based on actual events. Comments and Opinions on this blog are those of the author. Picture by AME. 


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  1. Exciting! Congratulations to the whole family :)

  2. I'm due in mid-November, so we're only about 10 weeks apart!

  3. Yaaaaah! What wonderful news! :-D Congratulations!

  4. OMG! Congratulations guys, that is great, I'm so happy for you. a third member to your kiddy family, that's awesome. lot's of joy and hapiness to come. :)

    1. sorry about the Audrey lol she made her own blog and took over my account i guess lol gotta fix that.

  5. Congrats, wishing you the best!!! :)

  6. Congratulations!
    This is very exciting news.


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