If you have been following me on Twitter for any amount of time you may or may not have noticed my Tweets about one of my favourite fast-foods, poutine!  Growing up in Quebec, poutine was a typical side-dish to many meals or great even on its own.

When it comes to my poutine I like it basic; Cheese curds, good (not to salty) gravy and of course nice sized french fries and I have never been particular in having extras such as meat or vegetables in my poutine but we won't ever say no to giving something new a try! 

New York Fries introduces a new twist on poutine with their Pulled Pork Poutine. This new flavour features a yummy pulled pork topping that can be best described as spicy, smokey and savory served over NYF fresh cut fries and Quebec cheese curds. Is your mouth watering yet?

A series of fun radio spots featuring Canadian acting legend Gordon Pinsent sharing his thoughts about New York Fries Pulled Pork Poutine (and his musings about cowboy chaps) with be airing over the next three weeks. You can take a listen on the New York Fries website

We were invited to try out New York Fries new Pulled Pork Poutine for ourselves. Hubby went out and brought home some NYF take out for me and him one evening. We enjoyed the Pulled Pork and the Butter Chicken poutines!

Being spicy, I knew this would be a hit with hubby. He absolutely LOVES poutine, probably more than I do (which is a lot) so this was something new to him and he had no complaints. If you are already a New York Fries fan and like spice and flavour in your poutine, this is something you should definitely try out for yourself. 

The Butter Chicken is not spicy, for those who do not like spicy food it is a nice change from the every day with generous amounts of chicken in a light sauce over NYF cut fries! Very filling that's for sure, I couldn't even finish mine! It was enjoyable but not something I would make a constant in my diet. I have to honestly say I prefer my plain old fashioned poutine, NYF does make a great old fashioned poutine too!

Another flavour available in the Poutine Perfected line-up is Braised Beef poutine, maybe hubby will try out that one on our next visit!

Over all if you aren't shy to try something new New York Fries new Pulled Pork Poutine is definitely something different for the taste buds. For more information about New York Fries please visit www.NewYorkFries.com 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of New York Fries. We received complimentary NYF Bucks to use for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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  1. On its own! Definitely. OH, iced cold Coke!

  2. I love poutine on it's own

  3. I love the butter chicken one but I'm really excited to try the pulled pork poutine. It sounds delicious!

  4. I love poutine with a burger!
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  5. I love poutine alone or with a hotdog if I am at costco. And usually for the one at costco we add onion in it miummm delicious.

  6. Poutine alone is perfect.
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  7. I think that poutine is best just on its own

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  8. I think poutine is perfect all by itself!

  9. Poutine with some bacon and poutine is super tasty!

  10. I like poutine best on its own
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  11. I like it on it's own.

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