We hope all of our readers, followers and friends have a fantastic weekend celebrating our country's birthday on Canada Day! We did not really make any plans except for having a family bbq in the back yard but it's the holiday weekend so you never know who is going to call! So far the weekend has turned out to be three full days of visitors.
Friday we spent at the pool with a couple of friends who also have kids. They swam until the pool closed at 6pm and all of us headed back to our place. Because it was late and there were a lot of us we decided to all chip in and order some pizza. The kids had fun after the pool jumping on our back yard trampoline and just playing. It didn't take them much to fall asleep!
For Canada Day we asked a few people we know what they were doing and those without plans are welcome to stop in and join us for some bbq food, kids are welcome too! We have chicken, sausages, salads, cheeses, veggies, dips and for those who are able to have a drink we have that too! I for one being pregnant will not be drinking alcohol this Canada Day. That's OK, I have taken a liking to fruit juice lately, I'll just stick to that!

We would have loved to take the kids downtown but by bus it would be insane with both kids plus a bag of whatever they might need (water bottles, towels to sit on, change of clothes for little guy etc). I used to head downtown in my single years, it was always jam packed with party-people. Lots of fun but very busy!

However you celebrate our country today, be safe, drink responsibly and above all - have fun!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in celebration of Canada Day 2012. Image via webweaver.nu. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.

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  1. O Canada, our home and native land.... Hope your BBQ weekend has splashy fireworks, picnics, ice cream and sun.


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