July has been its usual hot month so far, driving us to lather up with sunscreen, throw on a hat and head off to the nearest pool, water bottles and towels in hand. Summer is great, even when it's hot we find ways to keep it cool, even heading on in on the really bad days to sit in front of a fan or enjoy some air conditioning. 

Being pet owners, we not only have to worry about keeping ourselves and the kids cool during the hot days but also our three dogs! We have a Doberman and two Chihuahuas, even though they have short hair they still cannot withstand long periods of time in the sun or blazing heat. It is easy for a dog to over heat and sometimes they don't have the ability to figure out how to cool themselves off. Here are some great tips from Iams to help you keep your four legged friend cool this summer!

Don't leave your pet alone in a vehicle on a hot summer day! The importance of this first one cannot be expressed strongly enough. Cars can reach temperatures over 49 degrees, that's like an oven. Have you ever left something plastic like a CD in the windshield of your car on a hot day and have it melt through the heat of the window? Heat like this can melt plastic, imagine your furry friend? Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be fatal - even with the window down a crack.
If you witness somebody being ignorant and leaving their pet in a car on a hot day make sure to tell someone and have the local authorities contacted. We witnessed a dog being left inside a black van on a hot day, luckily someone reported the van. Police and The Humane Society were on the scene to break the mans van door to release the dog. The man was inside the store grocery shopping.  Do your dog a favour, unless there is someone to wait with the dog with the air conditioner in the car on or he can come inside where its cool with you, leave Fido at home.

Prevent over heating indoors and keep cool! Animals can easily over heat even indoors, especially dogs and cats with longer, thicker hair. Air conditioning is the ideal way to go for anyone to stay cool, pets included. If you don't have air conditioning or central air, place fans around the areas where your dog goes like their bed where they sleep. Fans help circulate the air in your home and your dog will have less chance of over heating.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep those water bowls flowing for your four legged friends. Add ice cubes to quickly cool off the water, some dogs even like chewing on ice cubes to help keep cool! Our Doberman makes an ice cube bobbing game out of it by trying to catch the cubes in the water bowl.

Cool it off with a dip in a pool! Sure, Fido may not be able to swim in the family pool but he deserves some cool fun too! Fill up a kiddie pool especially for the dog to jump in and out of on hot days. If this isn't possible there's always the old hose-down with the garden hose! Placing a cool, wet towel on the ground for your dog to lay on will also help. 

Shorter summer walks. Pavement gets extremely hot in the summer time. When taking your dog for a walk its a good idea to keep to areas like parks where it's more grassy and cooler on their sensitive paws. Don't forget to bring a water bottle and make frequent stops along the way. As important as keeping up with exercise routine for your dog is in the summer, make sure to keep the walks short and be patient, dogs walk slower when they're hot. 

For more pet health information please visit www.iams.ca 

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Iams. Not a sponsored post. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


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