We are all about being outside, especially now that summer is officially here! The kids both love spending time at the park and we were thinking of ways to get them even more active like a ride on toy or maybe new bikes this year.

Our oldest needs a new bicycle as she has outgrown the one from last year, she is older and is capable of riding. Little guy just can’t grasp the concept of steering and pedalling at the same time on a bike or even a trike. He gets frustrated and gives up. We were thinking of something a litter easier for him, something along the lines of a ride-on and that’s when I remembered hearing about the PlasmaCar by PlaSmart.

Introduced to the toy industry in 2003, PlaSmart is a Canadian toy distributer located in Ottawa, Ontario! Smart, simple toys that avoid electronics, toys that are difficult to figure out and toys that kids can have fun with is what PlaSmart is all about. They bring this promise to families across the country with quality and unique toys like the award-winning PlasmaCar!

If you don’t know what the PlasmaCar is let me tell you, it’s the best ride-on toy ever! It can ride up to 220 Lbs and doesn’t require batteries or electricity as it’s totally kid powered! Its light weight which is fantastic because it makes it easy to bring it to the park across the street and it comes in a variety of colours suitable for both boys and girls!

We had the opportunity to take a look at a PlasmaCar; both of our kids were excited to try it out when the box arrived! We were happy to see our PlasmaCar is bright yellow and black!
PlasmaCar takes some assembly and it comes with everything included like the body, steering wheel and cap, front and back wheels and a Hex key to help you put it all together. All we needed were the tools, a socket wrench and a rubber mallet.  It really only took about 5-10 minutes to put it together and literally seconds to learn how to drive it! I like the look of the PlasmaCar, it's unique and modern; our son thinks his looks like Bumblebee from the movie transformers!

PlasmaCar is made to drive on flat, smooth surfaces. It won’t drive on grass or rough terrain. The park across the street from us just got some brand new pavement not too long ago; off we went to try out the new PlasmaCar.

It is as fun as it looks. I have to admit I actually tried the PlasmaCar myself. I had to see how easy it was to use and it was really fun! I think PlasmaCar is great because it uses kid-power to move. It helps build confidence as it is fun and it’s simple to get going. Not only is this a great ride on toy to bring to the park or play on any flat surface but PlasmaCar would also be a great investment for schools to make for some extra fun too.

A definite recommend from a parent and her kids, we love our PlasmaCar! Check out the PlaSmart website to learn about other great toys they have to offer! Connect with PlaSmart on your favourite social media networks, Twitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of PlaSmart. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and those of the author.

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