I'm officially 13 weeks pregnant, the above image was taken at 12 weeks during our ultrasound. 13 weeks means we are heading into our 2nd trimester, already! The first trimester I experienced the usual pregnancy symptoms like nausea, headaches, body aches and occassional tummy pains. Nothing that was abnormal or worrysome.

The worst of it was probably the constant fatigue and morning sickness which lead to day-long nausea for a couple of weeks. It didn't happen every day, just every other day. It has slowed down in the past week I have been feeling more and more "myself" - if I even know what that is these days with all the crazy hormones running through me.
I can't complain though, so far this pregnancy has been easier on me than my previous two. I was sick all day long for both the others, running to the bathroom. Not fun at all and makes you wonder why people say pregnancy is a "beautiful" thing. Really, it is!
I am still a little more tired than usual but hubby has been a big help and taking on a lot of what I was doing around here including laundry. I know my limits and I'm not pushing myself or stressing about very much, take it one day at a time.

I had an appointment with my doctor last week.  We discussed where we wanted to have the baby and she had her secretary set up the necessary appointments for ultrasound and filled out the forms for blood work at the Ottawa General Hospital.

Friday morning I headed off to the hospital. I would have brought hubby with me but it was K's first day of summer holidays so both kids were at home. He stayed back with the kids and I went for the ultrasound and bloodwork. It went quickly and went well, no problems and the baby looks great according to the technitian! I'll be going back for a 2nd round of blood work in July and also seeing my Dr. at the end of July for another check-up.

We are looking forward to the coming months as baby (and my belly) continue to grow!

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  1. Aww :-) Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well so far!

    Looking forward to hearing your updates as the months progress


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