It felt as if the entire country was going through an insane heat wave the past couple of weeks. It was hot, humid and if you didn't have air conditioning or some way to keep cool - almost unbearable.

It was so hot and dry that we constantly heard about fires happening all over, some caused by summer carelessness but others happened because it was just that dry!

We were all hoping for a rainy day, just enough to cool off the earth and give us back some sanity to sleep comfortably at night. We got our wish alright and some with thunderstorm/tornado warnings across the province of Ontario.

Now, it didn't last very long before it turned to plain rain but here's what fell from the sky during our Monday evening storm...

Great balls of...ice! Hubby snapped these shots over at his friends moms place where they were outside helping clean up her yard at the time the storm started. Luckily they were inside when these big chunks fell and nobody was hurt although the friends moms car was damaged a little by the impact of the ice.

Were you hit with any strange stormy weather where you live?

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  2. HOLY!!! That's crazy! Did you have any damage to your property/vehicles from the storm?

    Strange weather around Canada indeed - there was a flash flood in a town just south of my neck of the woods yesterday - 118 mm of rain in about an hour. Came out of the blue and disappeared just as quick!


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