Hey moms and moms-to-be, Pampers has an exclusive offer for members of Pampers Village!  

Today, head on over to http://brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/pampers log in and choose your four coupons worth great savings from Pampers! It's that easy.

Coupons by BrandSaver are no longer automatically mailed out, so if you want these you'll have to follow the link above to get in on them! Not a member? No worries, you can sign up when you hit check out for your coupons! Besides, you'll want to be a BrandSaver member, its a great opportunity to get coupons for great P&G products.

Coupons are at a first-come first-served basis so hurry and get yours while you can! Also, don't forget to become a fan of the Pampers Canada Facebook page for more fun and savings!

Good luck.

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation as a P&G blogger. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


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