Sometimes we plan things in our lives to go a certain way and sometimes opportunities arrise that we cannot ignore thus changing our plans. I changed my plans recently, unintentionally but changed them nonetheless. 

At the beginning of the year my plan was originally to attend both Canadian blog conferences Blissdom Canada and ShesConnected this fall. Unfortunately both conferences fall on the same weekend which is where my dilemma came in. We purchased the Blissdom Canada tickets because we were supposed to attend Blissdom Canada and possibly one day of ShesConnected.

Things turned around to be the complete opposite for me. I have a pass to ShesConnected Conference 2012, I didn't know about this pass until last week. A ticket for this conference is not free and I have been entitled the entire weekend. It was hard to choose between the two, they both have a lot to offer but I have made the decision to miss out on Blissdom Canada this year and soak it up at ShesConnected!

I did not choose ShesConnected because it's better than the other or anything like that. Blissdom Canada was amazing last year, we had an amazing time but something just told me that it was the right thing to do this time. Also when I think about it, I will be almost six months pregnant when the conferences are taking place. I don't want to put too much onto myself. It sounded like a great plan before things changed with my life too, like I said sometimes the unexpected happens. Either way, I have made my decision and that is that. I am just happy everyone around me involved is supportive and happy :)

I am beyond excited to have been invited a second year in a row to ShesConnected - it really is an honour! I am going to be organizing this trip solo, which is something different but I'm a big girl and I think I can figure it out. Hubby is super happy for me and said it will give me a good opportunity to get away before the baby arrives at the end of January! He sounded less nervous when I told him about it than last year, I guess since I arrived home in one piece he trusts I can handle traveling to the unknown!

Now the only thing this whole conference ordeal rides on is if I can find a suitable sponsor. This time I'm only looking for travel and accommodations. I am happy to say that I have already been in touch with a few potential sponsors so cross your fingers for me!

I may be looking for a roomate or two to share accommodations, everything is in the works right now but anyone interested who is also going to ShesConnected Conference, drop me a line and let me know!
What about my Blissdom Canada ticket? Well, it was bought during early bird special sales and those are over - so anybody who missed out on that opportunity is welcome to take this ticket off our hands at the early bird price. Send me a message for details!

For those of you going to ShesConnected Conference this fall - see you there!!!!
My #SCCTO bobble head I won at a Twitter party last year ;-)

Disclosure: Posted by AME not sponsored by ShesConnected. Image from ShesConnected website. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author

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