I am 19 weeks along (already) and we had another ultrasound this Friday afternoon. I had missed my second set of blood tests at the end of July because I had been sick with a bad tooth abscess and on antibiotics etc. My Dr's secretary actually called to remind scold me about missing it a couple of days ago. Funny because the hospital had no problem, I technically had another week before the cut-off point for the testing. Also, its easier for me to do two things at once at the hospital then have to bus back a second time. Either way it's done and over with.

Next up is an appointment with my doctor at the end of the month. She will go over the results from the hospital and any concerns she may have. Typically my doctor will call, or the hospital calls if there is a concern and so far we have been lucky. Count our blessings we stay this lucky!

The ultrasound went good, I brought K with me for the experience. She was eager to find out if she was getting a baby brother or a sister since we were expecting to possibly find out.

She was full of questions as the technician checked to make sure everything was alright and took images etc. She had no problem explaining things to K as we went along. 

Finally the moment we had been waiting for came. The technician was able to see what we are having. 

It's a...



I don't know why but when the words came out "and its a baby girl" it didn't seem surprising. It was almost like somehow I already knew we were having a girl. Hubby found out when he picked us up after the appointment, he initially had guessed boy wanting another son but was just as excited to find out he's got another little princess on the way!

We've got 21 weeks to prepare everything (including ourselves!) which sounds like a lot but if you think about how fast the first 19 went - it's coming quicker than we know it!  

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  1. Yay a girl! Congrats! Glad everything is going well

  2. Congrats chickee on your new little girlie! So exciting!

  3. Very happy to now that were going to have another little princess in are big hart family !!! Love you all and take really care of your self xxx


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