Enjoy dessert without the bakery with Allan Candy's new type of treat - Dessert Bites. Dessert inspired bite sized coated candy that lets you enjoy 
delectable desserts anytime, anywhere!

I for one love both dessert and candy, hubby has to be the biggest candy fan in the house. We were happy when Allan Candy sent us over some Dessert Bites to try for ourselves! Each four flavours of Dessert Bites were inspired by some of north america's most popular and loved desserts - Strawberry Shortcake, Keylime Pie, Apple Pie and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! Each 200g bag contains bite-sized, soft chewy candies that are coated with a yogurt confection (may contain nuts).
Perfect for that afternoon indulgence when you just don't have baked goods at your disposal. They should come with a warning, they are addictive! Out of the four flavours, which are all really yummy, I would have to say my favourite is the Strawberry Shortcake! Hubby liked the Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake the best!

Unfortunately, not everyone is as enthusiastic as we are. There is this lady named Helen who decided to rain on the Dessert Bites parade and has started to boycott the candy claiming Allan Candy stole her recipes because these candies taste so much like real dessert. She has made quite the career of it all. She video taped herself spray painting her name on Allan Candy Dessert Bites advertisements in her home town, maybe she has gone further who knows. If you happen to see any of this woman's "artwork" take a photo and share it on the Allan Candy Facebook page - they want to know what shes been up to!

Allan Candy of course has not been taking her ridiculous claims laying down. They deny her crazy idea that they stole her personal recipes in this video.

Oh well, it's too bad Helen doesn't like Allan Candy Dessert Bites - more for the rest of us! :-) Show your love on the Allan Candy Dessert Bites Facebook page and see whats happening on Twitter with hashtag #DessertBites.


Dislcosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Allan Candy. We received complimentary product for review purposes. All comments and opinions on this  blog are those of AME.

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