Headed into week 18 of my pregnancy I can feel the baby moving! Around 16 weeks I started to kind-of feel it, it felt more like bubbles than actual movements. Now, it feels like baby flutters and it's quite often so I think this baby is very active, we may be in for it!

Into the second trimester I am feeling better than I did in the first trimester. My sleeping pattern was out of whack for a couple of weeks as I was also fighting off a tooth abscess which kept me up many nights when I first started antibiotics for it. My teeth and gums are extra sensitive these days, I read it is a common symptom during most pregnancies especially if you already have problematic teeth like I do!

I have not been having any weird cravings like pickles and ice cream but I have been craving specific foods at random times. Suddenly I might want a Big Mac and triple thick milkshake from McDonald's and another time I'll want a big bowl of cereal with a banana.

Needless to say that my baby bump is getting bigger by the week, my oldest is full of questions about what the baby is going to be like when it's born. My youngest is always coming up to me and "kissing the baby" (my belly). He's going to make a great big brother! I'm soon going to have to go buy some maternity pants because the pants I currently have in my closet are not fitting quite comfortably anymore.  
We have an ultrasound next Friday, August 17th. I was a little sad at first because we don't have anybody to watch the kids, hubby would have to stay home with them and miss witnessing possibly finding out of baby #3 is a boy or a girl. An event we kind of wanted both of us to be there for. Luckily my awesome cousin said that she would be able to watch the kids for us that morning.

My next doctor's appointment is at the end of the month, right before our oldest 8th birthday and school starts up for both kids. Ah the other side of pregnancy, all the doctors appointments, tests and ultrasounds. We are looking forward to the next few months, the second trimester is supposed to be the best!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates to come!

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