Birthday Clipart

Today is a special day in our house - Our little girl lady's 8th birthday!! 

Ever since she was born we knew she had a spark. She has never been afraid to show how she feels no matter what the emotion. Through her funny jokes, witty comments and fun ideas - we know she is going to grow up to be someone amazing no matter what she does in life. She is known to NEVER give up (do you know how many times shes asked us what shes getting for her birthday this summer??) and always willing to try. 

She cares about others, friends and family. She loves the environment, animals and everything in between. I don't think there is very much that this girl worries about in life, seeing her happy makes me happy. 

We are so proud of her, every day and always will be. 

Happy 8th Birthday K - love always Mommy and Daddy! :) 

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