Every now and then I enjoy a new purse or bag of some kind. Being a mom, any type of bag I buy for my own personal use has to be big enough to fit the contents of almost the whole family during an outing. Ever clean out your purse or bag at the end of the month week and realize that half its contents don't even belong to you? Yeah, what's ours is theirs ladies. Our bags become a disorganized mess of everything from micro-cars, hair elastics and Kleenex to crumpled receipts, loose change and that gift card we had forgotten about.

Lately I have been looking for the best tote for someone like me. It has to be fashionable but also casual, something that will look nice with whatever I'm wearing. It has to be (like I said) spacious. I like lots of pockets with zippers and snaps, I'm not very fond of open-concept bags. My search is over thanks to Lug, they have the perfect tote and some!

Allow me to introduce to you the Windjammer Everyday Tote by Lug. When I set my eyes on this beauty I could not refuse it. The Windjammer Everyday Tote by LUG is THE tote for organizing your things and having enough room for everything to have its own place.  

The Windjammer Everyday Tote is stacked with LUG features like padded shoulder straps, hidden water bottle holder, removable coin pouch and key fob, and plenty of pouches and pockets to keep you organized. They also added a special soft lined pocket with pull tab and magnetic closure - perfect for keeping my iPhone at hand! Best of all, this tote bag is made of LUG's lightweight material, so my stuff won't drag me down! You can check out all ten vibrant colours available on www.luglife.com

I absolutely love my Windjammer Everyday Tote by LUG, especially in the plum colour I received! It looks compact but it's really roomy with tons of pockets and slots to help organize your things from everybody elses! I like how it's got a top zipper and the main pocket area is big enough to fit my tablet in with my other stuff and still light weight if I need it for travel too! This is definitely the bag to have for moms on the go like me!

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Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of LUG. We received complimentary product for review purposes. All comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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