We didn't spend our Labour Day weekend having parties and gatherings, on Saturday we instead spent our day rearranging, cleaning and giving our house an overhaul since our new dining room table arrived! Getting a new piece of furniture always motivates me ;-)

We had been talking about replacing the one we had for a while, it only had 2 matching chairs and it did not sit a family of four comfortably let alone a soon to be family of 5. Time for a change, it isn't brand new but its new to us and I like it! It makes a big difference in the look of the room too. The kids think the diner-look benches are pretty neat! 

Last weekend mom brought over a small desk for K, if she needs a quiet place to do her homework or maybe for that computer shes wishing for (she wants to ask Santa). The desk was set up and things moved around. Gave her room and everything else an overhaul, so much junk and garbage was thrown out plus I have a few boxes and bags of used things to give away too! You can call it a end of summer clean up!

I still have to go through the kids clothes (again) after the summer weather starts to diminish which won't be for another while yet. They have more than enough clothes for fall/winter its just to organize it all and put away or giveaway the summer stuff we won't need next year.  

I won't even mention my closet, I was looking for some jeans or pants - anything that fit me and I actually forgot about two pair of jeans I had put away that are brand new but were too big. Well guess what? Lucky preggers me fits in them now, I don't know for how long but they do fit! Hubby also has a bad case of "keep it in case" - half the top shelf of the closet is old clothes "in case". In case what, we decide to travel back in time and wear them again? It's time to get rid of the old and make organized room for the newer that we actually DO wear. It's not just MY clothes, notice the "we". ;-)

As great as doing my closet right now would be though, really next in line for the major stuff is of course the painting. Mostly upstairs like the bathroom and kids room, those are the rooms that took the most damage from wear and tear than the rest of the house.

Hopefully we will have the time and energy to get it done by the end of fall! 

Are you doing any end of summer clean ups at your house?

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  1. Oh yes and we need it to !!! Love your new kitchen table ... xxx


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