This week was a milestone week in our house, not only was it the first day of school for K on Tuesday but also her brother as I mentioned was going to be an official junior kindergartner on Thursday!

This was a day we were both looking forward to and not at the same time, I was nervous sending our youngest out into this big big unknown world. He had never been to any kind of daycare or program away from home - ever. As usual worry was for nothing as we left for his first official day of junior kindergarten, little guy couldn't have been happier.
He was excited to finally begin, he was excited to take the bus and I think above all he was excited to finally do what his sister has been doing - going to school!

I worried once we put him on the bus though, I wondered all morning how he was doing. Hoping the phone wouldn't ring with an issue on the first day. Of course it did but luckily it was minor, the teachers just wanted permission to clean up an accident and by all means if that's all it is go right ahead!

The rest of the afternoon was quiet until it came time to get the kids, I was in for a surprise. As the bus door opened at our stop the bus driver stopped my kids from getting off. She looked at me and said in a stern voice "You need to talk to your son, he was ALL over the place". I was not expecting that and it didn't really make me feel very good. I apologized on his behalf, reminding her he is still new and we went on our way. That night before bed we talked about the first day of school and also bus rules, more or less a reminder that no matter how excited we get, we sit for safety on the bus. 

The next morning was day #2 and my biggest concern was the bus so when he got on the bus I went up a couple of steps to talk to the driver about what had happened the day before. I reminded her he is new to all of this and to please have a little patience with him. She sat him beside his sister like we had originally suggested which worked out great for everyone as there were no complaints upon drop off in the afternoon.

Our first week of school was a success, now lets enjoy the weekend and breathe shall we? ;-)

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