There are just a few weeks left until the long-awaited ShesConnected Conference and my belly has been getting bigger, I'm not *huge* but enough to say nothing fits at the moment. 

None of my current pants fit me except one pair I would actually wear in public but even those are tight and tops are losing the battle to the belly! I'm glad it's sweater season needles to say! 

I was worried about what I am going to wear to ShesConnected Conference. I know, "don't stress about what you're going to wear" which I wouldn't because I do have nice clothes but I'm pregnant and jogging pants with holes or hubbys pj pants are not really suitable conference attire.

Looking around at local department stores I wasn't very impressed with the lack of maternity clothes choices. Since when did becoming pregnant mean frumpy or non-fashionable! I needed some serious help!

I am proud to have Thyme Maternity sponsoring a couple of fantastic outfits to wear during my trip to Toronto for ShesConnected Conference! They offered me two fabulous outfits, one casual (for the sessions and networking) and one dressy-casual (for the evening parties). Paired with what I have left that fits me here and my favourite black flats, the clothing worry is pretty much over! 

Thyme Maternity had the honour of choosing the outfits and this is what they thought would look great for this falls conference season:

This lovely ensemble includes slim straight 5-pocket maternity denim, a red 3/4 sleeve jersey knit top and a beautiful (and warm) black cardigan sweater! Perfect outfit for sessions and networking at ShesConnected! I love the colour of the red top, it just pops and isn't something I would typically wear but surprisingly it looks nice on me! The pants are every pregnant woman's dream, no word of a lie. They are SO comfy they almost feel like you're wearing yoga pants and not denim jean. The sweater is thick, long and cozy. It covers my belly and buttons up without the buttons looking like they want to pop right off. This I believe may be my entrance ensemble. I haven't decided yet!

This knit sweater-dress is the perfect colour for the #50Shades party! Paired with either high boots or nylons with flats you can look great and be comfortable in this Thyme Maternity treasure. I absolutely loved this dress when I first saw it. It's made with thick knit material, excellent for the chilly fall weather we have been having. It's also LONG down to the knees and not above. I don't know about you but as a pregnant lady, I prefer to be a little more covered up.

You can see these and other great new fall styles at www.thymematernity.com! You can also follow @ThymeMaternity on Twitter and Like Thyme Maternity on Facebook!

Of course I also have other outfits put together from my own closet, whatever I could find that looked good and still fit and of course we all have our official 2012 SCCTO t-shirts at the conference!

I just want to make a note for those of you who are newcomers to ShesConnected, there is really nothing to it when choosing what to wear. Don't worry, everyone is as excited/nervous to be there as you are and won't be focused on who has the best outfit. Its a conference not a fashion show so make sure you are comfortable, that's the best look of all.

Thank you once again to Thyme Maternity for helping me put some comfort and class back into my conference attire - even if I have a belly in front! :)

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Thyme Maternity, my SCCTO clothing sponsor. Mentioned items provided by Thyme Maternity for sponsorship purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Sponsorship in any form does not reflect my total satisfaction of ShesConnected Conference nor are they associated.

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  1. Oh that's awesome that you get to wear some Thyme pieces at SCCTO! It's one of the few places that I actually found maternity clothes I liked while I was pregnant. I had no intentions of giving up style simply because I had a big belly and I loved there stuff...and it fit!! I'm not particularly big so I had a hard time finding maternity clothes that was actually small enough.

  2. Oh I cannot wait to see your bump @ SCCTO!

  3. Oooh, those look awesome! I haven't been into a maternity store yet this pregnancy but I have a bunch of Thyme stuff from previous pregnancies. Have fun at the conference! Wish I could meet you there and compare baby bumps. :)

  4. Great outfits! I bought an entire warddrobe at Thyme Maternity when I was pregnant and loved everything I got!

  5. Great outfits! Great dress for the 50shades party!!

  6. Oh you'll look fabulous! I love the 'Shades of GRey' party dress!


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