The kids have been back to school for almost two months now, we pretty much have the routine in tact from getting up and ready to returning home and of course enjoying that after school afternoon snack. Ever notice it seems the whole family could use a pick-me-up around 3pm? Afternoon snacks are an every day ritual in our house, the kids are always scouring the cupboards and fridge for something quick to munch on.

As any parent, I want my kids to enjoy a healthy afternoon snack. Not junk food with empty calories, loaded with sugar that will have them jumping off the walls and crashing by the time supper is on the table.

We were recently introduced to Apple Chips by ThreeWorks! They are a healthy alternative to one of our original favourite snacks, chips - except instead of being made from potatoes they are made from Apples!

ThreeWorks Inc are a Toronto, Ontario based food company offering different healthy alternative options for food and beverage to families across Canada. They are also helping sponsor my trip to ShesConnected Conference, they supplied the funds I'll need to feed myself during the trip - how fitting a sponsorship!

ThreeWorks sent us along a cute gift basket of Apple Chips goodies in a variety of flavours for us to try and information about them to share with all of you.

ThreeWorks Apple Chips launched in Canada earlier this year. Apple Chips are unlike your typical dried fruit snack. They are dehydrated using a proprietary technique to retain all of the nutriens and the crunch. If you love the crunch of a potatoe chip, Apple Chips will surprise you but with more goodness. Apple Chips are made with the best real sliced Fuji Apples for a sweeter, less tart snacking experience. Apple Chips are fat free, gluten free, not fried and have no added sugar or GMO. Apple Chips have no artificial colours or flavours, all natural.

Apple Chips come in 6 flavours including Original, Cinnamon, Caramel and Mixed Berries which we got to try out. Apple Chips come in a resealable container (similar to that of a popular potatoe chip we all know) and in two sizes! One to share and one perfect for on the go! Apple Chips are all natural and also nut-free so they make a great healthy snack to send off to school or on outings.

Our package of Apple Chips goodness arrived just in time for after school snacking. The kids are always interested in trying out any new foods and didn't resist the Apple Chips. Although we haven't tried them all just yet, I can imagine they are all yummy considering we all really liked the Cinnamon and Mixed Berry flavoured ones. They taste just like pie, we all love apple pie in this house! If you're looking for a quick, healthy snack try out new Apple Chips by ThreeWorks!

Apple Chips can be purchased at select Loblaws, No Frills, Safeway, select Shoppers Drug Mart locations in the GTA, London Drugs, Northwest Company, select Shell Canada locations, Highland Farms, Michael Angelo's, Starsky, and Denninger's.

Learn more about ThreeWorks Apple Chips and other great up and coming products like new Fresh Mints and more coming for 2013 at http://www.threeworks.ca. Show ThreeWorks some love by following on Twitter and Liking the Facebook Page!

Disclosure: Posted by Ame on behalf of ThreeWorks Inc. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are otherwise those of the author.

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