Recently I have been having the urge to shop for things. Nothing over the top or out there but something for ME. I for one don't really enjoy dragging the kids out when I'm shopping for myself. It's not enjoyable when they are constantly wanting my attention and I can't actually look at anything I want to buy, I always end up forgetting something or becoming flustered and giving up only to walk out of the store with something for the kids instead. 

Online shopping has become one of my favourite things over the past couple of years, that is when I have a few extra dollars to spend. My favourite way to pay is still PayPal and I am happy to see more and more stores are embracing the technology and accepting PayPal as a method of payment. I do have a credit card, I just hate using it online or ever for that matter unless I really have no other choice.

Being only a week away from ShesConnected I wanted to get "one more" top to wear to the conference. Thyme Maternity, who have generously sponsored me some attire for the events, sells some of their fashion through Babies R Us and they accept PayPal. Win, win situation for me! I ended up finding this lovely blue crossover maternity top on sale, it shipped and arrived within 48 hours. Talk about service!

What would an ensemble be without new footwear too? I found these nice black boots at FactoryShoe.ca. They have a decent selection of boots for men, women and kids but you have to shop around the site for the prices. Some are priced average and then others are a little expensive depending on what you are looking for. They also accept PayPal! 

These boots were exactly the boots I have been looking for since two falls ago and I can never find a pair or if I do they do not have my size. I was lucky, they had my size AND they were on sale for only $30! I bought some insoles for them and they are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, I gave them their first test run this past week.

Now, what is a new top and new boots without new makeup?  Just kidding, although I did go on a little shopping spree on www.elf.com (eyes lips face) I had been planning on purchasing some makeup and beauty supplies for a while now, just never got around to it and went on a whim one evening. Nail polish, remover pads, foundation, blush, the lashes for fun etc :)

 Retail therapy at it's best for fall 2012 ;-) I didn't over do it but I'm happy with my shopping spree! Next I will be shopping for Christmas presents and baby gear, help me now! :) 

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  2. Love the shirt! Beautiful colours!


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