Halloween is over for one more year and the kids had a blast! They began their days with "Black and Orange" theme at school. Each child also had a mini class party the final block of the day. Both came home with little treats from the teachers and friends!
It rained all day and made it a little worrisome that we would have to drag out umbrellas with us but luckily it stopped just in time to head out! The ground was wet and a bit muddy in some places but hey, it's better than trick or treating soaking wet! Plus it wasn't very cold outside this evening, perfect for trick or treating! I remember having to wear a snowsuit under my costume when I was their age. Did I just say "when I was their age"?

It took me about an hour or so to do K's hair and makeup for her Draculara costume. She had been waiting MONTHS to put it on in full gear and since shes normally not allowed THAT much makeup, it was a treat for her!

She looked absolutely awesome and got many compliments on the costume despite the fact we did not have the "real" Draculara wig - she has enough hair by golly who needs a wig when you have an imagination! :)

Little guy could not wait to be BatMan for the evening. He had been practicing his "muscles" stance for weeks now! Shortly after leaving the house we passed by a group of teenagers who started singing "Nanananana BATMAN!", D was tickled about that! Nice to see our neighborhood teens in the spirit with the little kids! :)

We went out as usual as a family, I love having Dh come with us. He's always proud about how polite they are, "Trick or Treat!" and a "Thank you" before they leave. D was even saying "Happy Halloween" to some folks! 

K is a pro now at trick or treating. She knows our rule, if it doesn't look decorated or lit up for Halloween (including outdoor light) chances are we shouldn't be knocking. Little guy needed some help up and down some of the stairs. I know Halloween is about fun but I kind of wish people wouldn't put displays like pumpkins and things on the steps where a bunch of kids walk up and down. I love decorations don't get me wrong but I found the younger kids had trouble trying to avoid the bigger kids and not knock over a decoration or fall down the steps. Not a big deal, we helped D of course but would make it a lot easier for the kids I think.

The neighbourhood was out and about, yards decorated. Only one really bothered me, maybe because I'm pregnant but the whole yard was a morbid baby cemetery complete with a Hurst which contained...a "dead baby" in a casket. I found that a little much for my stomach to handle, Halloween or not that's not very nice to look at. I'm not scared of Zombies, maybe being a mom to younger kids softened me up but I like jack-o-lanterns and smiley ghosts over gruesome decor, save that for the zombie movies.

We spent about two or so hours walking the streets of our neighborhood, not as many houses participating. I always like to think its because people are out with their kids rather than losing the fun spirit of it all. My kids enjoyed their night either way, they each came back with a half a (large) shopping bag of goodies. Everything from mini-chocolate bars, chips, rockets and other various Halloween treats. 

We checked them as soon as we got home (did you hear the news about the razor blade found in a kids candy bag in London Ontario? Omg!).

We let each kid pick out a treat before bed, they were good at waiting until we got home to check them before asking for any.

I enjoyed seeing them enjoy the simplicity of Halloween. The laughs, the joking and the fun even just as we walked is always well worth it plus they are still young enough to want to share some of that hard-earned loot with mom and dad. ;-) 

We hope you all had a wonderful night too whether you stayed in and handed out candy or roamed the streets collecting it! Happy Halloween!

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