The hustle and bustle of fall conferences are behind us now and back to reality we go. This past weekend was a truly great one - I was in Toronto attending the 3rd annual ShesConnected Conference with hundreds of other great digital women, bloggers and friends!

ShesConnected is about more than just talking to brands and bloggers, its about learning, community and connections - which I felt part of many during my stay.

The first day was a little bit overwhelming, but I still enjoyed myself nonetheless. I admit, I was tired from being up early, flying in and making our way to the Convention center for the event. The Metro Toronto Convention Center is HUGE! I don't think we have buildings that big here in Ottawa, one could easily get lost inside trying to find their way around.

The conference was buzzing with energy, being greeted by friendly and familiar faces is always a plus. It was fantastic meeting some new as well. It almost felt like one big giant Tweet-up or Twitter reunion of sorts. We arrived right on time to register, get our #SCCTO badges (and swag bags with our awesome Ford t-shirts!) and join the end of the Blogger Niche portion where you sat at tables in groups in your blogger niche. I felt like a deer in headlights and excited at all the familiar faces I wanted to say hi to (sorry to those who I missed or didn't get enough of a chance to talk to, I love you all!) My niche tables were full but that's okay, I had the opportunity to say hi to many wonderful people!

I spent the day with friends, meeting other bloggers and networking with brands. Trying to soak the reality of it all in on little sleep and fresh off an early flight. I found myself visiting the McCafe Lounge quite often, the Mocha's and smoothies are so yummy and the McDonald's reps so friendly! I wish I had the chance to get a massage but there were plenty of deserving ladies who did the honours for me!

Ford was a main title sponsor of this event and had an adventure lined up for us! Check out the video of my Escape with Ford! I met some of the Ford representatives at last year's ShesConnected Conference, they were also the title sponsors then too so it was nice to see them back once again to show us what they have and what they are planning for the future of Ford Canada.

Molson had beer and cheese tasting, I didn't have any beer but the cheese was good! iLashme was giving lash makeovers, CAA had a table full of cupcakes and Hasbro had a table full of toys!  We spoke to our sponsors SkinFix Inc, I was happy to see their booth. Almond Fresh who had their yummy Almond milk and smoothie cups for us, IronKids Gummies were there with new fibre for the family and Rent Frock Repeat with their gorgeous gowns. There was literally something for everyone, lots of connections made and lots of fun to be had. To see the full list of wonderful sponsors who made SCCTO possible please visit www.shesconnected.com.

You can check out my ShesConnected Conference 2012 experience slide show below!

Day 2 was when I felt more relaxed, we spent the day with sessions and more networking. My snap shots only begin to touch the surface of the fun we had this weekend. Unfortunately I did not make the parties as by the time evening approached I was so worn out I was lucky to make it somewhere to have dinner. I wish I had more energy, I would have loved to attend them with everyone. Either way, it wasn't about the parties for me - it was about everything else. I spent my evenings in good company with @Orangeheromama @TabithaPye and @MyBitsandBleeps, thanks girls for keeping a pregnant mama company in a strange city! :)

The sessions that we attended were informative for the blogger seasoned and new.There was literally something for everyone to learn whether you are a veteran blogger, a new blogger, thinking about starting a blog or even a pr rep wanting to learn how to work with bloggers. There was so much information to absorb between sessions, meeting the brands and general networking.

The speakers were great, the environment was exciting, definitely a bigger ShesConnected than last year and if all goes well, I would like to go back for a 3rd round next year!

Thank you to my sponsors SkinFix Inc and ThreeWorks. Thank you to also to @Donnaantoniadis, the fantastic sponsors and everyone involved in making ShesConnected Conference a great experience once again!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation as an attendee of ShesConnected Conference. Not a sponsored, paid or endorsed post. All opinions and comments in this post are those of the author and are in no way influenced by the conference, brands or sponsors mentioned.

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  1. It was a great time! I'm so glad for the time we spent together.



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