We just finished Halloween, I don't know about you but my mind has already begun thinking about the holiday season. Preparing for guests, dinners and above all - what to get everyone! Kids are easy, it's the adults I am worried about. It never seems we can find the perfect gift for the one who has everything.

Alcohol is a popular and in my opinion, easy option for most to give as a gift. If you know the giftee's drink that's even better. Even if you aren't keen on giving booze as a gift there is always the option of an accessory like a festive glass set or maybe Sipping Stones!

Chilling the perfect drink but don't want the diluted taste of ice? Chill it with Sipping Stones! Sipping Stones are hand crafted soapstone based cubes that replace ice to chill drinks! They are simple to use, put them in the freezer for a while and when desired chill temperature is reached just add them to your favourite spirit. Each set comes with its own velvet bag so that you can store them after using (and washing) them. Great for use after use, even to bring along to an adult party your attending and avoid ice altogether.

I for one am not a big drinker, especially now since I am expecting but I know people who like the occasional social drink and these would make a fun gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season for the whiskey lover on your list. Sipping Stones give your drink a true "on the rocks" taste, without the water.

Sipping Stones can be found online, on Amazon or at select local retailers for $9.99 and up.

Sipping Stones were created, developed and designed by SCS Inc. SCS Inc has been a leading online manufacturer and retailer for unique products since 1998.

Disclosure: Posted by AME. I am not influencing drinking, this is simply a gift idea for those who enjoy a mature drink. Please drink responsibly during any celebration. Not a sponsored post however we did receive complimentary product for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of AME.

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