November is finally here which gives us a little over a month to prepare all things Christmas for the upcoming 2012 holiday season! Have your kids started making their Christmas lists yet? Our kids have had theirs in mind since last year I think but they are always coming up with new things they would like to add!

They can ask for whatever they want, I don't mind. A longer list gives us more of an idea of things to choose from! Of course it doesn't mean they will get every single item on these lists but here are a few fun ones we have narrowed down for this year from Hasbro Canada!

Every little girl wants a pony and now she can have one with Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch - My Magical Show Pony! A life-like miniature pony that responds to your touch! Baby Butterscotch can move her head, ears and make pony noises. She also can stand, sit and lay down. When you pet her or brush her fur she will nuzzle up to you and also look in your direction when you speak to her! An amazing gift for any little girl who loves pets especially ponies!

Our daughter loves animals and pets so this is definitely going to be a huge surprise for her! She got Cookie My Playful Pup last year for her birthday from her grandfather and still plays with it constantly. Baby Butterscotch will be a fantastic addition to my daughters "pet" collection! 

We have a Transformers fan in our house, little guy loves Transformers and he is forever collecting different ones.  This year he will be happy to start his own Transformers Bot Shots collection. Tiny robots that pack a big punch! Choose a power, crash into transformers battle and defeat your opponent! Bot Shots are cool because they transform from robot to vehicle on impact, little guy is going to LOVE that! You can collect a variety of different Transformers characters from Bumblebee to Ironhide, Optimus Prime and more!

We did not forget about baby-to-be when it comes to gift giving this holiday season. Although she isn't born yet, she will be shortly after the holidays so why not give her a little something under the tree too? The Rocktivity Sit to Stand Music Skool by PlaySkool is the perfect toy to delight and entertain baby with more than 50 familiar songs, sounds and activities! It can be used for three different stages, when baby is on the floor, when baby can sit up and when of course baby can stand! I like how simple it is with not too many flashy lights and buttons. I remember having a baby piano for our older daughter when she was a baby and it was overwhelming with too many things all at once. This one seems calmer and something that our baby will definitely enjoy in the months to come! 

You can find these and other great holiday gift ideas for everyone from babies to the older, young at heart on www.hasbro.ca

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received complimentary product for review purposes. All comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author.

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