The holidays are just around the corner and we are thinking about family, friends, loved ones and our furry friends - our pets!

We have had a change in our pet family here at home. We lost our beloved Hazel cat in Fall of 2011 when she disappeared one evening and never returned. She was one of our favorites and is still missed today.

We had been living with our two dogs, Zeus and Ruffy until this past spring. We took in another fur baby, a chihuahuah mix named Mia. At only 5 months old Mia was too much puppy for her previous owner. She was loved, she was well taken care of except she was just more than what they had expected. She needed a lot of training and a lot of attention and since I am home most of the time and have the time *plus two already trained dogs* we decided to give her a new forever home.

This makes me happy, knowing she will be celebrating her first Christmas with a family who loves her (including the two other dogs, you would be surprised at how quickly they have bonded). Having pets, especially dogs in our lives is warming. It gives a warm feeling knowing you are doing something to help at least one animal.

Iams is celebrating their 14th annual IAMS Home 4 The Holidays Program, we are happy to help spread the word once again for the lives of animals across the country. IAMS Home 4 The Holidays is an amazing adoption program in participation with the Helen Woodward animal centre which helps find homes for animals across the country, right in time for the holiday season.

IAMS Home 4 The Holidays is on its 14th year and counting, helping over 7 million homeless animals find loving families and forever homes for the holidays for the past 13 years.

You can become involved through IAMS Bags 4 Bowls, every purchase of IAMS pet food donates a bowl of food to a local pet shelter. Look for specially marked IAMS products where pet food is sold.

You can also check out the IAMS Facebook Page. This year, on top of helping homeless animals find their families, IAMS is also donating bowls of pet food to local shelters for every "like" on their page! The goal is 5 million bowls this year so lets head over and help them reach it! It only takes a minute to click like and feed a pet in your community.

Having a pet is wonderful and if you are thinking of helping out IAMS by adopting a pet you can visit your local shelter or use the IAMS Pet Finder through the Facebook Page to find your perfect furry friend!

Last year an estimated 1.2 million pets were adopted through the IAMS Home 4 the Holidays program and over 5 million bowls donated to participating shelters with 75,000 in Canada alone. With a little love and an open home, we can reach this goal again if not more. Thank You! 

For more information about the campaign or to find out how to get involved, become a fan of the Iams Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Iams or visit www.iams.ca.

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of IAMS. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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