We all know most girls like cute toys, and us mothers like cute toys that send a meaningful message to our young ladies. When it comes to toys for my daughter, she is a collector. She takes a liking to a kind of toy, usually one that has a significant meaning and she will collect several in the series before she moves on to her next enjoyment. As her mom I prefer her having a toy she will enjoy not only because "its popular" or "all the girls have one" but because it's something unique that she enjoys and sends a positive message to her for the most part.

Kids Preferred has launched a new type of toy for young girls, KimmiDoll Junior - offers a whole lot of cuteness for young girls everywhere! Not just a collectors doll, KimmiDoll Junior offers an important, child-friendly message that is easy to relate to and lasts a lifetime. The KimmiDoll Junior collection also includes creative activity sticker books, personal diaries, notebooks, pens, coin banks and coin purses! All are custom designed with the KimmiDoll logo and characters.

I thought these would be fun to take a look at, we have a couple of girls in the family and Kimmidoll Junior would make a great gift for them for Christmas coming up! Unfortunately I don't think you can buy them in stores here in Canada but you can buy them online at shops like amazon.ca which is always handy for those of us who enjoy online shopping like I do! We were sent a Kimmidoll Junior resin doll and a bobble head pen to take a look at. Kimmidoll Junior have friendly smiling faces, cute names and unique, meaningful message to go with them. They are made with a resin material so they aren't plastic but also not glass, still I would recommend these as a collectors doll and not something younger children should play with. 

We received Leila who's message is "the best gift is to be a good friend", the same message my daughter tries to instill into her every day life by being the best friend she can be. The bobble head pens feature a Kimmidoll character and are small enough for children's hands to hold and write. They go well with the available journal or maybe pencil case! This will make a nice stocking stuffer or addition to our special girls gift this Christmas. 

For more information about Kimmidoll Junior, fun games and to see the full line of products available please visit www.kimmijunior.com

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of Kids Preferred and Kimmidoll Junior. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of AME. 

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  1. Kimmi dolls are really cute. I'm planning to buy one and give it to my cute cousin. Thanks for the review.

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