Thoughts of holiday gifts are flying through our minds as we seem to be speeding right through November! One major part of holiday gift giving in our family has always been traditional Christmas stockings filled with all kinds of goodies, including Lifesavers!

Lifesavers are celebrating 100 years of holiday cheers enjoyed by kids everywhere with their holiday Lifesaver books! I remember life savers coming in the single row size, we always had them in our stockings. I like the holiday books that come out every year because they are a great stocking stuffer or add-on to a gift! You can find them just about anywhere from the grocery store to Walmart.

Lifesavers have some great holiday stocking stuffer tips for you and your family this holiday season:
  • Create a new family tradition by adding ornaments to your kids stockings! Each year they can collect a new meaningful ornament and by the time they are old enough for their own tree decorating, they will already have a set from their childhood!
  • Think size, have one or two larger items in the stocking and place them at the top sticking out and stuff down to the bottom of the stocking to make most of space. Squeeze in 4 or 5 medium sized items to fill in space and the rest with 10 smaller items to make an impressive stuffed stocking!
  • Choose a gift that everyone will enjoy like the 100th anniversary Holiday Lifesavers Funbooks! Share the six rolls with family and friends or use them to play some fun holiday games with the kids!
  •  Use leftover holiday wrapping paper and try to individually wrap each stocking stuffer! Kids (and adults) always have fun unwrapping holiday surprises.
  • Be practical by adding an item that could be of use like a gift card to a favourite shop or coffee house, movie theater or food place. Keep in mind items that can come in handy like tooth brushes, special tooth paste, batteries or soap. You never know when someone will be thankful to have gotten that in their stocking from you!
The holidays aren't about what's in the gift, its always the thought that counts and holiday stockings to me are like the icing on the cake. They complete the gift giving and decor when you hang them full of goodies over the mantel for Christmas morning. The kids always seem to be so excited about their stockings before they see what Santa really brought them!

You can join in the fun of Lifesavers by Liking their Facebook page! For more information about Lifesavers candy please visit the Wrigley's website!

 Happy Holiday stocking stuffing!

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of Lifesavers. We received a complimentary Lifesavers gift for participation. Opinions and comments are those of the author.

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  1. I always received one of those lifesaver packs in my sock as a child. Yum!

  2. I always love getting the book of lifesavers... and I still give them to my children.

  3. My mom always put these in my stockings...and now I put them in for my kids :) They're so awesome!

  4. Those are fabulous tips! And a stocking just wasn't stuffed growing up without a box of xmas lifesavers, lol. :D

  5. We always put Lifesaver books in the stockings and also always added an ornament. We loved the idea that when they're grown and leave home {if that ever happens...lol} they'll have a collection of sentimental ornaments to take with them to decoraste their own tree.

  6. Brings back so many memories. I remember getting a Lifesavers pack every Christmas. LE SIGH. A good sigh! I want to get some for my girls!

  7. It was a tradition in our house to get them each year and we love them. My fav is butterscotch but you don't find that flavor very often now. :)

  8. We got these EVERY year as kids! Wouldn't have been Christmas without them.


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