We have been making our lists, checking them twice but did we remember one of the most important items to go with many of today's holiday gifts, batteries? There's nothing worse than your child (or you) getting a new toy or gadget and realizing it requires batteries which are not included. 43% of parents worry about so much about the gifts around the holidays, they forget to pick up that extra power they need for new toys under the tree. Not the most glamorous of gifts but you'd be surprised what the gadget girl or guy on your list may love to have in their stockings this year. 

Around since as long as I can remember, Duracell is Canada's #1 trusted battery brand with parents. Duracell with Duralock power preserve technology will be there this holiday season to reliably power-up all of your memorable moments and holiday gifts.

Whether you're powering up a new remote control car or making sure the digital camera is ready for that close-up, Duracell has engineered all of their batteries with DuraLock, a new technology which preserves power for up to 10 years in storage. Right on time for the holidays, its guaranteed power when you need it!

With Copper top, Ultra Power and Rechargeable with Duralock batteries available, Duracell will help keep smiles on your family's faces long after the holidays and all year round! Always Canada's #1 trusted Copper-Top Battery!

Get your devices powered up in just one hour with the Duracell Quick Charger. The new energy Star-certified Duracell Quick Charger offers families a fast and compact way to keep their gadgets ready when needed. With a sleek, compact folding design, it is capable of charging four AA or AAA NiMH batteries from anywhere in the world (provided you have a correct travel outlet adapter of course). It can charge 2 AA batteries within an hour and includes two AA and two AAA batteries that can be charged hundreds of times over! Great for devices that require longer battery power like digital cameras, game console controllers, wireless keyboards and wireless mice etc. The Duracell Quick Charger can be purchased at most stores that carry Duracell for $24.99.

There's nothing worse than being somewhere and having your mobile device battery die on you. How are you supposed to charge it up without a wall outlet to plug it in to? With the Duracell Instant Charger, power on the go! A handy, portable power solution that allows you to charge a usb powered device on the go! Charge it up using your mobile devices wall adapter or plug it into a computer! It can give your devices up to 8 extra hours of power, I like the fact that its universal so whether your a Blackberry, an iPhone or a whatever else, you can charge up with Duracell Instant Charger! This portable device can be found at most stores that carry Duracell for $44.99.

Not only are Duracell bringing you the power your family needs for their new gadgets this holiday season but they are also participating in a new holiday initiative. In addition to donating batteries to power children's toys in children's hospitals across the country (six years in a row), from November 5th until December 31st for every new "like" on the Duracell Canada Facebook Page, Duracell will donate $1 to the Children's Miracle Network up to a total of $25,000CAD! 

Take a minute and check out Duracell Canada's Facebook page and like it to help! Don't forget to share with your family and friends so we can help Duracell reach their goal and brighten the faces (and power toys) of even more children this holiday season!

Happy Powering!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Duracell and P&G. We received complimentary product for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. what a great idea! After my oldest turned 1, I vowed to never give a gift without batteries again....

  2. Love how fast this charger is! The one I have takes several hours, which is a huge pain if you actually need to use the batteries

  3. I do love that charger for my phone!


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