As I mentioned this week, I headed off to Toronto on November 7th to attend a one-day P&GMom event with 40+ other moms/bloggers from across the country taking place November 8th! It was exciting just being chosen, I was looking forward to the overnight trip for weeks! 

I had an afternoon flight and landed in Toronto on Wednesday, the flight was actually a few minutes early too - a bit of a plus! @AmberMurfy was there to greet me at the Four Seasons Hotel, what a ritzy place! Amber showed me to check-in and got me all set up in my room on the 14th floor! My room was AMAZING, very luxurious compared to what I have ever stayed in when it comes to hotels - we were extremely spoiled! 

Walking into the hotel room felt like walking into a little apartment, minus a kitchen! Sliding glass doors near the entrance and also near the bed lead to a big bathroom. A deep bathtub with a shower head in the corner on one side, double sinks and mirrors with a TV inside on the other side. At the far end of the bathroom (yes it was big enough to have to say "far end") there were two separate glass windowed stalls. One for the toilet and one for a double headed shower! This has to be the most beautiful bathroom I have ever had the pleasure of using!

Of course the room had amenities like the mini bar (which I just looked and did not dare touch!), coffee maker (I did find the coffee a little too strong unfortunately), and a TV. There was also a little couch sitting area and a desk, oh the room also included an iPad to play around with if we wanted! 

The best part though was what greeted me in the bathroom, a nice surprise gift basket from P&G! All kinds of neat travel products like razors, Charmin wet wipes, Puffs facial tissues, shampoo samples, conditioner samples, a really red lipstick, antiperspirant, toothbrush and paste - things like that in case we had forgotten any. I would like to say THANK YOU because I actually DID forget my antiperspirant at home and it wouldn't have been too pretty without it! Came in very handy! ;-)

I met up with @Orangeheromomma and @GingerMommy, we took a short walk before dinner. We met up with @ChancesMommy and got ready for our dinner at Terroni, the restaurant P&G were taking us out of towners to for dinner! We all met in the lobby which was really nice! I saw so many of my fellow bloggers like @nugglemama, @MomVsTheBoys, @MommyKatandKids, @MommyMomentBlog, @KidSumers and so many more (I'm sorry I was name dropping off the top of my head which is still spinning so if I missed you please leave me a comment and remind me!)

Dinner was very nice, they served a variety of foods from appetizer to desserts and of course the company was great! The word of the evening was "swanky!". I don't think I have had a dinner like that in a very long time, like before kids, long time.

After dinner (and a really yummy dessert) we headed back to the hotel for some shut eye. I talked to hubby on the phone to see how his day went with the munchkins. All was well at home and I was headed off to bed to rest up for another wonderful day as a P&GMom! 

The next morning I was supposed to meet @GingerMommy in the lobby but I broke my suitcase zipper and by the time I got downstairs and checked out I couldn't find her :(. I ended up running into Jeannine, @MyBitsandBleeps and we headed off to registration together! I left my suitcase at the designated coat check that was set up! 

We got lanyards with our name tags and a P&G Usb to start. Set up in the room next to the Brand Mall was the breakfast buffet area. Breakfast was a nice display of croissants, fruit, oatmeal and all kinds of other yummy things to start our day off nicely. I had a croissant, fruit and a yogurt along with grapefruit juice followed by coffee. I know, I could have had way more but I enjoy smaller meals instead of large "all at once" sittings.

I liked the intimate setting of the event, the main room was bright and really nicely set up with tables and a stage for P&G speakers. P&G had some of their products set up in the main room from Tide, Pampers and Oral-B. There were photographers around the room snapping our memories. 

We got our food and sat down for the first part of our P&GMom day - welcome by P&G's Joyce Law followed by talks by Dianna Kenneally of Pampers about Mom-focused innovation and diaper technology. We also heard from guest speaker Priscilla Lopes-Schiep, Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist and new mom about her feats as a new mom and athlete. Before break we heard from Dr Janet Tamo, Dentist about Oral-B and the importance of maintaining good oral health. That was followed by Life coach Caird Urquhart.

During the break we got a light snack and coffee, mingled a bit with fellow bloggers and headed back in for the mid-morning learning sessions. Momconomist workshop with Smart Cookies CEO - Sandra Hanna who gave some great tips for making the most of the household budget.

Lunch was served buffet style with veggies, salads, salmon and more! Dessert was a yummy parfait and fruit/chocolate pastry. After lunch we heard from Dr Suzette Middleton, Tide Scientific Communications about Tides innovations and technology. There was also a surprise guest, Canadian Olympic Medalist Christine Sinclair! She was there signing t-shirts, pictures and also taking photos with us! It was nice to meet her too! 

The afternoon was spent in groups according to a little star sticker on our badges. I was in the red group with @kidsonaplane, @Preshusme, @InRDream, @MommyGearest and others which began in the P&G Beauty Experts room. We learned about makeup and hair from Covergirl, Pantene ProV and Clairol Colour Experts! We even got the chance to get our makeup and/or hair done. I went with a quick makeup touch up! The stylist tried a bright red lipstick on me, wow! I wasn't used to wearing that bright but some of the ladies said it looked great (thank you!). 

After that we headed off to the P&G Product mall to talk to P&G Pr about different products ranging from Iams, Pampers, Duracell, Clairol and more! It was so nice to finally put some faces to familiar PR names I have been working with! 

Focus group was next on the agenda for us, we sat in a group and talked about Pampers products and ways that we could incorporate them into our blogs as P&GMom's. Our last stop was in the P&G Beauty lounge for nails and teeth whitening with CoverGirl and Crest Whitestrips. Of course I had already painted my nails prior to going but I took a look at the fab colours available this fall! Also, I asked if it was safe to use Crest White Strips while pregnant and the rep said it was best to consult a doctor first so I did not end up participating in that either but watched others demo the product. It's always better to be safe and well educated with everything, right? :)

The group photo was kind of funny, there were too many of us for the stage but we all had a good laugh trying to squeeze in for a nice shot. I think you MIGHT see me somewhere at the back. 

The closing speech was short and sweet, a thank you for coming and a warm good-bye although kind of sad to leave everybody. 

We did not go for swag, we did not go for freebies - we came invited as bloggers to learn about a family-known brands we all respect and use in our daily lives. To share with you great tips, savings and more; We are P&GMom's! 

P&G certainly outdid themselves for this fun P&GMom launch event, I can't wait to work with them for the next year and share what I learn! Thank you to P&G and the team at Citizen Optimum for having us at your fabulous launch event!

And to all my fellow bloggers, new friends and old - it was fantastic reconnecting and getting to spend time with you in Toronto! 

See my experience in pictures! 

amotherhoodblog's PGMom album on Photobucket

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation as a P&GMom however this post was not required as part of the program it is simply a review of my experience and thank you to P&G/Citizen Optimum for their generosity. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.  

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  1. How is it that I missed meeting you? Sounds like you were with some of the same bloggers I was with around the same time and you were sitting a few chairs down from me at dinner yet we didn't meet LOL. Oh well, maybe next time!

  2. GREAT POST! The hotel rooms sure were beautiful and I loved that I got to spend a bit of time in the huge hot tub in the pool area. It was gorgeous!
    Not sure if you meant me @MommyMomentBlog or @MommyMoments who was also there, but either way, it was great to see the beautiful you!

  3. Kathleen, I saw you in the lobby before leaving for dinner and waved "Hello" but I don't think you saw me LOL It would have been nice to chat!

    @MommyMomentBlog - yes I meant you, I don't know why I messed up your twitter handle although I think I did also meet @MommyMoments too! ;) It was so great to see everybody and experience the whole thing as we did! Looking forward to what P&G has lined up for us!

  4. *giggle* You even said 'swanky' in your post! I love you! :)
    What an amazing time!!


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