The time is drawing closer for our baby girls arrival into this world. We feel under-prepared and a little overwhelmed but beyond thrilled the day is coming sooner  than we know it! We are ready to meet this little one who has been poking, kicking and stretching into my internal organs for the past 8 months. 36 weeks this week, not much longer to go considering I had experienced false labour contractions last week. 

The false labour contractions lasted for one evening, on and off in riffs until they finally subsided to dull pressure by the next day. My water didn't break, there was no bleeding or anything like that so there was no real concern to run to the emergency room, yet. Baby girl is definitely preparing herself (and my belly) for her arrival. Let's hope we can keep her in until after Christmas at least! 

Not long before the false labour contractions I had actually been talking to hubby about packing my hospital bag in preparation for the big day. Having given birth twice before, you honestly  never know no matter how much you think you have it all planned out. Even though I was experiencing the contractions I went about my house gathering the things I would need, just in case. 

I kind of think I packed a lot of stuff. I don't remember exactly what was brought last time, I actually think hubby ended up packing for me and that's one thing you don't want to do is leave the stress of having to search for your stuff and baby stuff  to an already frantic daddy to be while you are having or right after you have the baby. You honestly don't really need THAT much stuff, just the basic clothes, toiletries and the likes. Here's a list of what I'm bringing, so far: 

  • Change of comfy clothes including extra tops, socks, underwear and something to wear home.
  • A house robe and slippers to wear at the hospital, it gets cold and I also find it helps having something cozy and comforting from home while at the hospital.
  • Personal toiletries - toothbrush/paste, sanitary pads, nursing pads for the obvious reasons. The hospitals don't always provide them or many of them so it's good to have back up just in case.
  • Clothes for baby to come home in including a fleece outerwear suit and soft new baby blanket. I brought a couple of sizes for clothes, you never know! What I picked could change though, I can be indecisive these days! ;-)
  • Newborn diapers, non-scented wipes, pacifier (we didn't need one for either of our other kids at first but they are so CUTE!). I know most hospitals provide these things but as you can tell I always like to come prepared!
  • iPhone and charger - I don't know if I will be able to use it beyond phone calls and texts but I'll bring it anyways.
  • Fully charged camera with empty memory card to capture all of our first moments :)
  • List of important calls to make
  • The baby car seat
  • Extra set of clothes and toiletries for hubby.
I think that just about sums up what I will be needing, see anything I'm missing or maybe bringing for no reason? Ha- I'm a little nervous can you tell! 

Now that I'm all packed up and ready (I think.) we can sit back and wait for our little bundle of baby to make her presence in the world! 

Disclosure: A personal post written and published by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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