Hearing baby's heart beat is one of the most amazing sounds you'll ever hear as a parent-to-be. A quick, thumping rhythm lets you know this little life is very much alive and thriving inside you. It brings joy to know your little one is doing well, one beat at a time.

When I saw Fetal Beats on Twitter I had to check them out! I was intrigued with this device, how great would it be to have the ones closest to us but live so far away experience hearing the baby's heart beat too! I was happy when they agreed for us to review one for ourselves! 

Fetal Beats Baby Heart Monitor allows you to easily listen in on your baby's growing heart beat anytime from the comfort of your own home. No more waiting until the next doctors appointment to hear the sound of your baby-to-be. My doctor's Doppler was actually broken the first time we thought we would be able to hear and she had to use her stethoscope. Although I have been fortunate enough to hear the baby's heart beat this pregnancy, I love having the opportunity to share it with the kids, my hubby, family and close friends with Fetal Beats!

FetalBeats comes with everything you need to get started including:

  • FetalBeats heart monitor (Doppler, similar to that of what the doctors use but lower and safer frequency)
  • Mini speaker (to listen to your baby's heart beat)
  • Connecting wires (to connect Doppler to speaker and to earphones, computer or iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • Ultrasound Jelly
  • Pink storage bag (to put everything in when not in use)
  • Instructions (crucial to setting it up properly)
Listening to the baby's heart beat at home couldn't be easier. After making sure the Fetal Beats monitor is plugged in and set up properly simply apply a little jelly to the Doppler and your belly, move the Doppler across your baby bump until you hear the heart beat! 

Have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device? There's a free Fetal Beats app created specifically to record your baby's heart beat using the Fetal Beats monitor! Download the app, customize it to your pregnancy, plug your device into the Fetal Beats monitor using the provided connecting wires and tap the screen to go! You can then share the recording via Facebook or via email for your loved ones to hear too! 

Fetal Beats app records your baby's heart beat and sends it via email or you can share on Facebook in .MOV format, so if you save it on a computer you can easily play it back with any media player. 

Fetal Beats is recommended best for women 20 weeks pregnant or more, being 34 weeks along we heard our baby within seconds. It started off faint, as if we were close but not right on and then there it was! Crystal clear and thumping as a baby heart beat should. Unfortunately, one of us hadn't tapped "record" or tapped "stop" too soon and didn't record the moment so we had to do it again a second time. I didn't mind so much, it gave us a longer listen! 

The only thing I would really change about this is the wires. It's difficult to hold the iPhone, speaker, Doppler and try to search for the beat all at once. You need a second set of hands to help out, lucky for me hubby was here to review this with me. Other than the wires, the device is very easy to set up and use. The app is simple and user-friendly, although we did have some trouble getting a good recording at first. Definitely recommend this as a holiday gift for parents to be. 

Right now on the Fetal Beats blog you can enter to win your own Fetal Beats Baby Heart Monitor for yourself (or someone you love who is expecting)! Submit how you announced your pregnancy for your chance to win! See the Fetal Beats Blog for full details and contest rules! You can order Fetal Beats through their website or through the app, they also accept PayPal! 

Talk pregnancy and baby with @FetalBeats on Twitter and Like the Fetal Beats Facebook page for the latest updates! 

Fetal Beats is not a replacement for medical care if needed during your pregnancy. Make sure to see your dr, midwife or other medical care professional throughout your pregnancy and have a happy nine months! 

Disclosure:  Posted by AME on behalf of Fetal Beats. We received complimentary product for review purposes, non compensated otherwise. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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