So many people make New Years resolutions to lose weight or better their health, I know I have made my share in the past. Although I'm not making any particular resolutions this year, I did just have a baby a month ago and my main goal for 2013 is of course to keep healthy and maintain a good diet, exercise more and lose the baby belly of course ;) I don't necessarily want to lose weight, just tone things back up to what they were pre-pregnancy, or at least close to. 

For me, I have been lucky with all three pregnancies. I was able to recover quite quickly with no serious issues which allows me to be more active earlier than just a couple of weeks. Being active is great but I need energy to get in shape and also still take care of my kids. The energy always goes one of two ways. 

What better way to get the energy you need than with great foods like Kellogg's Special K! I always have enjoyed Special K as a breakfast food or as a light snack between meals or before bed. One of my new favourites is Special K with red berries

Special K is helping me maintain my goals toward a healthier lifestyle by sending me along a cool Special K starter kit which included some great products like Special K red berries cereal, Special K granola, Special K granola bars, a New Balance tank and other goodies in a special New Balance bag! Oh by the way you can collect points on specially marked boxes of Special K cereal for your own New Balance tank! See the website below for details! 

Kellogg's also let us know about a great new website www.myspecialk.ca which is designed to align a personalized plan just for you and your lifestyle goals. My Special K.ca is a motivating resource that helps you feel your best everyday and keep your healthy goals in check. The online program offers personalized meal and fitness plans, information about food, fitness, fashion and beauty. It also has personalized articles and tools designed to help keep you positive and on track while maintaining your healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

I know when we have kids, careers and the whole nine yards it can be really hard to stay focused and discipline ourselves to reach our goals but with a little help and motivation from Special K, I think we can all do it! 

Good luck reaching your goals, whatever they may be! 

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