The role of a mom is not an easy one. Stay at home, work out of or work at home, help or no help - it's not as easy as it looks. Making sure the family has everything they need from clean clothes on their backs to hot meals and good values. We are often so busy taking care of everybody else we often forget to take care of the one most important person of all - ourselves. 

I know for one since having our new baby life has gotten even busier and I can admit I sometimes forget to stop and take a breath for me. 

The Mom Report, recently released by Becel found that 60% of Canadian moms don't find the time to properly take care of themselves. Although we should always be thinking of our health, February nonetheless is Women's Heart Health month. 

Did you know that heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death for Canadian women, fortunately 80% of the risk factors can be helped by having healthy lifestyle choices. 

Becel wants to empower moms (like you and I) and encourage us to put our health and well being on as high a priority as everybody else in the family. This heartwarming video below can be personalized and sent to a special friend or relative in your life to remind her and encourage her to take time for herself via the Becel Canada website. Share the love and #EncourageaMom via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc! 

A great initiative on behalf of Becel! 

To help encourage me to take time for myself, my family and I are having dinner on Becel! Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday dinner will be served courtesy of The Red Apron! I can't wait to share what The Red Apron serves up for us and our experience enjoying a heart healthy meal on Becel Canada!

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of Becel Canada by AME. Video and information are shared not sponsored. The Red Apron meal perk was a surprise on behalf of Becel Canada. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 

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