Family Day was just this past Monday in Ontario. Everybody had the day off as every year, to spend with family doing things together. There are usually all kinds of things to do around Ottawa like Winterlude and local small events. A mid-winter celebration if you will. 

Almost every Family Day so far since having kids we have done something together. A planned event, sliding or even just playing outside or staying home together, its a day to spend as a family. This year we decided to keep things simple and just spend a quiet (if that's possible at our house) day at home. We were invited to attend the Old Navy party downtown like last year but with a young baby and three (two young) rambunctious dogs at home, it wasn't exactly the ideal time to be heading out into the cold. 

Instead of outdoor activity we kept the TV, iPods and tablets off for the most part of the day and spent some time together playing some old fashioned board games. 

The kids chose Chutes and Ladders, Operation and Shrek Memory to name a few. Little guy and K are good ages to sit and play family games with. They both understand the concept of taking turns and following rules for the most part.

Of course K won Chutes and Ladders, actually both kids kicked my butt and I was still at the bottom of the board by the time they were at the end! I kept hitting all the chutes and they the ladders. It's funny how we used to rock at these kinds of games as kids and now our own kids beat us to the finish line. 

Everybody had fun either way, we had some laughs too. It's days like these that are the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories, they don't stay small forever! ;-)

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