Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

No matter if you are celebrating with just you and your loved one, with the kids or even with the girlfriends - take today to be kind toward one another and show some love!

It doesn't matter if it's as simple as just a smile, your random act of kindness can brighten someones day!

With three kids and a busy schedule, we don't go out for Valentine's Day but that isn't stopping us from enjoying a delicious meal at home with the little ones. We always get them a little something to show we care on this special day of love. Nothing big, just chocolate and a simple little card, a gesture the kids appreciate either way. 

As for hubby and I, this will be our 9th Valentine's Day together. I have never been one for lavish gifts and material things, I have enough "stuff". I think simply spending some time together for dinner and once the kids are all in bed is celebration enough for me. Quiet can be the most romantic thing when you have kids! ;-) 

Happy Valentines Day from our house to yours! 

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